Scraping Chrome Extensions

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Example Chrome Ext Scrapers

chromescrape - JS DOM trigger and scrape in background content script

Tabular Data Extraction - after highlighting sample row

  • mnmldave/scraper: Simple web scraping for Google Chrome.

    Getting data out of web pages and into spreadsheets. Highlight a part of the page that is similar to what you want to scrape. Right-click and select the "Scrape selected..." item. The scraper window will appear, showing you the initial results. You can export the table to by pressing the "Export to Google Docs..." button or use the left-hand pane to further refine or customize your scraping. The "Selector" section lets you change which page elements are scraped. You can specify the query as either a jQuery selector, or in XPath. You may also customize the columns of the table in the "Columns" section. These must be specified in XPath. You can specify names for columns if you would like. Selecting the "Exclude empty results" filter will prevent any matches that contain no column values from appearing in the table. After making any customizations, you must press the "Scrape" button to update the table of results.

Tutorials - Basic

TOOLS for scraping - Form/UI driven - No Coding

There is still a demand for tools that require "less coding," like

Often there still is an issue - these extensions can perform complex data extractions only if their cores are modified.

Simple JQ based scraping

Form - JQselector, column info below



r Chrome Ext other - web scraper

Often there still is an issue - these extensions can perform complex data extractions only if their cores are modified.

  1. Web Scraper project on GitHub

  2. David Heaton's "Scraper" on GitHub

  3. UCB Student Helena Project

A Chrome extension for writing custom web scraping programs and web automation programs. Just demonstrate how to collect the first row of data, then let the extension write the program for collecting all rows. Helena is a Chrome extension that can help automate repetitive interactions with well-structured webpages. A user can demonstrate how to scrape the first row of a dataset, and Helena will write a program for scraping the next hundreds or thousands of rows. Helena is also the name of the web automation language that the Helena extension uses. See for an overview of the Helena project.

JQ-extendable+General Core

Seems Powerful R7: ScrapeMe does not require any core modification for these tasks.

I have used ScrapeMe to successfully scrape data from major social networking websites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn) and several different web applications (e.g. JIRA, Telegram). Below are examples of scraping tasks completed using ScrapeMe. Download ScrapeMe to work through the examples. It is important to mention that a solid understanding of JavaScript is required to maximize the utility of ScrapeMe. - devrazdev/ScrapeMe: Extract data from any website right in Chrome

Full-Stack/Scaleable Crawlers - Coding and Power to Block IP-zone-Limits

Client-Server with Logging to BE Db

Others to Sort

r Crawlers

Scraping tools exist for almost every programming language

martinsbalodis 7yr and forms

Full-Stack Canned EC/SN Profile Scrapers - canning and customization

EC Scraper

Bike, Carpool, Uber etc.


LI Scrapers

FB Scrapers

IG Scrapers

Twitter Scraping



CHAT: Messenger, WhatsApp




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