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Human Psychology

Social Goodness


Why we do worry so much

  1. Worrying is emotional survival, part of flight-or-fight response. It is a way to focus energy, perception and thought on critical problem at hand, vs other less pressing items.

  2. It triggers your brain problem solving

Stoicism lessons from Marcus Aurelius -

  1. This too will pass - bear it. Everything is just history repeating. Everything in life is momentary, complex patterns that move and change but ends.
  2. Reversion to the mean
  3. This time it is the different - yet the same

  4. For example in Aurelius's reign, the Antoinine Plague hit and killed 5 million in Roman empire. He personally advocated calmness. As the army was devasted, he used gladiators to fill in blanks. He provided state funds and corpse disposal squads to help limit infections and keep morale high vs bodies lying around. He used his own and state funds to pay for emergency actions.

  5. Ignore the noise

  6. Practice mindfulness

  7. Serve yourself

  8. Serve others

Self,EQ,Comm BOOKs

Lifescale: How to Live a More Creative, Productive and Happy Life, Brian Solis

Somewhere along the way, we got distracted. As much as we multitask, love our devices and feel like we’re in control, deep down we know that something is off. Shortened attention spans, declines in critical thinking, lack of sleep, self-doubt and decreased creativity are just some of the effects coming to light in an age of digital distraction. It’s time to reclaim our lives. It’s time to take control.

In Lifescale, Brian explores the incredible effects of digital distraction on our personal and professional lives and what we need to do about it. Lifescale is a journey of self-discovery and growth. It’s about getting back into balance and remastering our destinies. Author Brian Solis knows first-hand. He struggled with distraction and all of its ill-effects. To get his life back, he developed a set of techniques, exercises, and thought experiments designed to tame the chaos, and positively and productively navigate our day-to-day lives. Instead of falling victim to the never-ending cycle of newsfeeds, Likes, addictive apps, and boredom scrolling (aka the endless scroll), we can learn to manage our time and inspire our own lives in a way that will bring meaning back—without sacrificing the benefits that our devices bring us. In Lifescale, Brian has done the legwork to pull together scientific findings and practical tools into one book. Readers—especially those who are distracted—will connect with the humor, pathos, and inspiration inside. Using this book’s simple but powerful lessons, we can:

◙ Identify sources of distraction and turn attention toward creativity and productivity ◙ Understand and resist the manipulative techniques that turn us into digital addicts ◙ Find meaning and purpose to guide our time in more meaningful ways ◙ Visualize future success to successfully dive into deep work and stop procrastinating ◙ Break bad habits, establish rituals and routines that help you achieve goals ◙ Nurture imagination and learn to express ourselves more artistically ◙ Maximize productivity with simple but effective strategies ◙ Focus for extended periods and make breaks more restorative ◙ Foster a strong sense of purpose in life and identify the steps needed to bring it to life every day ◙ Smile more and build self-esteem


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