Senior Dating

By pjain      Published March 16, 2021, 8 p.m. in blog Startups   

====== ST4US Dating Overview

---- Other Segments

Divorced/Single Moms

mr Top Dating sites and Apps for Seniors

Key USPs

  • Dating Affluent Singles - generous
  • Meet Mature Women

Religion specific - "filter out matches from mud"

Dating Catholic Singles

Dating Islamic Singles

Top Dating sites

Other Dating sites for Seniors


Top Apps for Seniors

Other Apps for Seniors

Senior Dating BPR, Issues

Can over 60 fall in love?

All about SINGLES - most are paired up!

Surplus of Women, Scarcity of GOOD men

Senior Dating, Love, Marry

Communities for seniors

  • - Blog, daily newsletter - NO MEN
  • Claims largest global lifestyle magazine for DYNAMIC OLDER WOMEN


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