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Shipbuilders Investment Overview

Companies Commercial Public

Hyundai Heavy Industries R9

KRX: 009540

Seeks to buy Daewoo ship builder!

  • CORE: World's largest shipbuilding co Crude oil tankers (Very Large Crude Carriers) Shipping container carrier ships Shipping exclusive container carrier cranes Oil and natural gas drilling ships Liquified natural gas carrier ships Liquified Petroleum Gas Carriers (LPG) including Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGC) Naval vessels, with optional Skybench technology

  • SEG: Offshore oil and gas rig engineering and construction Offshore oil and gas rig engineering and construction Oil and gas storage and delivery vessel construction (FPSO) Heavylift ship barge and ship transport vessels (Semi-submersible) building

  • SEG: Electric & Energy Systems Diesel engines specialy marine diesel engines Gas engines

  • SEG: Construction equipment - Spun off from HHI as Hyundai Construction Equipment Co. Ltd or referred to as HCE. With its headquarter in Ulsan, HCE includes overseas operations in US, China, Europe, India, and Brazil. Excavators Wheel Loaders Backhoe Loaders Skid loaders Fork lifts

  • Robotics - Top South Korean industrial robot makers including medical & surgical robot development.

  • Green Energy - Transformers and other electrical distribution equipment. Hyundai-Green's distribution network for solar products covers over 72 distributors and wholesalers in more than 20 countries.

  • About Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ulsan, South Korea.

  • one of the "Big Three" shipbuilders of South Korea (Samsung Hyundai and Daewoo)
  • 1972 founded by Chung Ju-yung as a division of the Hyundai Group
  • 1974 completed building its first ships
  • 2002 Spun-off from its parent company.
  • made the Globe largest ship in Dec 2014
  • 25k employees


  • BEST DAYS BEHIND IT - Next EPS 5yr growth barely 1%
  • Ships are just NOT Sexy vs Missiles, billion dollar aircraft slush-puppies!
  • practical operational Ships dissed for huge aircraft carriers

  • FY 2021 M 8b $9.4 ni0.67 PS=0.85 pe=12, fpe=14

  • y2.2% div=4.5 eps 16.5 de=0.9
  • $5y 6% E 15%
  • v c201 [120 (136 224) 260]

  • CORE: Military Shipbuilder for USNavy, Coast Guard

  • About Huntington Ingalls Industries

  • Mar'11 MPC Spin-off from NOC

  • designing, building, overhauling, and repairing military ships in the United States. It operates through three segments: Ingalls Shipbuilding, Newport News Shipbuilding, and Technical Solutions. The company is involved in the design and construction of non-nuclear ships comprising amphibious assault ships; expeditionary warfare ships; surface combatants; and national security cutters for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard. It also provides nuclear-powered ships, such as aircraft carriers and submarines, as well as refueling and overhaul, and inactivation services. In addition, the company offers naval nuclear support services, including fleet services comprising design, construction, maintenance, and disposal activities for in service U.S. Navy nuclear ships; and maintenance services on nuclear reactor prototypes. Further, it provides life-cycle sustainment services, high-end information technology solutions, mission-based solutions, nuclear management and operations and environmental management services, defense and federal solutions, and unmanned systems. Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. was founded in 1886 and is headquartered in Newport News, Virginia.

MHVYF Xx Mitsubishi Heavy Indust

  • Stock declining, CHINA S.Korea,etc. more competitive

  • FY'19 Revenue: Y 4t c29 [40 (20 32) 70]

  • FY'16 $36b declining

  • TYO:7011 Mitsubishi Heavy Indust Conglomerate

  • About Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Conglomerate Japan Tokyo
  • founded 1934 (parent 1884)

SMSHF x Samsung Heavy Indust

KRX: 010140

  • Probably sick heavy industry of Korea Chaebol

  • FY'16 $8.98

  • About Samsung Heavy Industries Geoje, South Korea

  • one of the "Big Three" shipbuilders of South Korea (Samsung Hyundai and Daewoo)
  • 2011 Maersk ordered 10 large container ships ea w. 18k TCE worth $2b
  • then Maersk orderd 10 more for another $2b Triple E Class
  • 1974 founded

SOHVY x R3 Sumitomo Heavy Industries

  • c$7.2 [(5.35 7.7) 9.35]

  • TYO: 6302

  • FY'16 $6.59

  • Probably sick heavy industry

  • About Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Tokyo, Japan

  • Manufacturer of industrial machinery, automatic weaponry, ships, bridges and steel structure, equipment for environmental protection, including recycling, power transmission equipment, plastic molding machines, laser processing systems, particle accelerators, material handling systems, cancer diagnostic and treatment equipment and others.
  • 1888 founded

Unprofitable, Unstable or Bankrupt

STX Group, Jinhae, South Korea X BANKRUPT -->

  • FY'16 $17b

  • About STX Group, Jinhae, South Korea

  • founded 1962
  • owning STX Europe, Europe's second largest shipbuilding group (divested in 2017 after bankruptcy). It has built about 700 ships over the last 40 years in Busan and Changwon.

DWOTF x Daewoo Shipbuilding DSME

  • DWOTF ... › symbol › DWOTF
  • KRX: 042660

  • Probably sick heavy industry of Korea Chaebol - Daewoo has been sick in cars!

  • FY'16 $10.98 '15 $13b

  • About DSME Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co Seoul, South Korea

  • one of the "Big Three" shipbuilders of South Korea (Samsung Hyundai and Daewoo)
  • 1978 founded
  • SHI operates manufacturing facilities at home and abroad, including ship block fabrication factories in Ningbo and Rongcheng, China. The Geoje Shipyard in particular, SHI's largest shipyard in South Korea, boasts the highest dock turnover rate in the world. The largest of the three docks, Dock No. 3, is 640 metres (2,100 ft) long, 97.5 metres (320 ft) wide, and 13 metres (43 ft) deep. Mostly ultra-large ships are built at this dock, having the world's highest production efficiency with yearly dock turnover rate of 10 and the launch of 30 ships per year.
  • SHI specializes in the building of high added-value and special purpose vessels, including LNG carriers, off-shore related vessels, oil drilling ships, FPSO/FSO's, ultra Large container ships and Arctic shuttle tankers. In recent times SHI has concentrated on LNG tankers and drillships.

FNCNF Xx Fincantieri, Trieste, Italy


  • FY'21 c0.96 (0.55 1.1) 1.67]

  • FY'16 $5.17b

  • Labor inefficiencies in europe

  • About Fincantieri, Trieste, Italy

  • the largest shipbuilder in Europe, after the acquisition of Vard in 2013, Fincantieri group doubled in size to become the fourth largest in the world (2014).[2] The company builds both commercial and military vessels.
  • 1937 founded

Companies State or Military Owned

China Shipbuilding Indus x SOE

  • FY'16 $42b

  • About China Shipbuilding Industry Corp, Beijing, China

  • CSIC has developed 10 main product sections: shipbuilding, marine engineering, diesel engines, storage batteries, large steel structure fabrications, port machinery, turbochargers, tobacco machinery, gas meters and automation distribution systems.
  • CSIC consists of 96 enterprises located in northern China, and employs over 300,000 people. Assets include shipbuilding and industrial enterprises in Dalian (Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company), Tianjin, Qingdao, Wuhan, Xi'an, Chongqing and Kunming, as well as 30 research institutes and ten laboratories developing naval and civil vessels and related equipment.
  • 1999 founded SOE 100%

China State Shipbuilding Corp X SOE

  • FY'21 $29.88 b

  • About China State Shipbuilding Corp, Beijing, China

  • founded 1999

Xx United Ship, USSR SOE

  • FY'16 $5.1b

  • About United Shipbuilding Corp, Moscow, Russia

  • 2007 founded


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