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SAFETY: What YOU can do to save your life, robbed or from being raped

Most important: Don't leave even teens alone in pools, gyms or under care of "CREW"

Parents have paid up for the trip, and are here to have fun, hopefully reconnect with their life-partners, and are encouraged to let their guard down, grab a cocktail or two, and relax.

  • Cruise lines to expand markets from empty nesters to families, are targetting families. They tell parents, "don't worry - we will take care of your family and young kids"

Parents believe that they can turn their children over to the "teen activity centers" or that the kids are safe alone in their cabins or walking the hallways and decks of the ship.

1999: A pedophile crew member gave a 14 year old boy a dozen glasses of champagne and took him back to his cabin. He shaved the boy’s pubic hair off and molested him when was was unconscious. The cruise line allowed the rapist, a third party contractor to exit the ship, and to add insult to injury, offered the family a coupon of 50% of their cruise fare for their troubles.

Ensure your Cabin can be locked from inside

If there is no way to lock from inside, you can tell kids to BLOCK the doors with luggage or furniture, etc.

The number one crime we see on cruise ships is when the parents stay out late at the disco or casino, and they leave their 12 year old son or 14 year old daughter alone in the cabin. Many kids get tired after a fun day at the pool or after an excursion ashore, and they don’t want to go to the second seating at dinner. There are far too many cases where the cabin attendant will use their key card to access the cabin when the parents are away.

Victim organizations, like International Cruise Victims (ICV), have proposed good recommendations to address this problem. The ICV proposes deactivating the key cards of crew members after hours so they can’t use them to get into the passenger cabins, using female cabin attendants rather than 25 year old males, or assigning supervisors to monitor the passenger cabins. Most cruise lines have ignored these recommendations, and conduct business as usual.

Practice Defensive Travel - As Risky as Worst Downtowns at Night

Be a Good Guest, not an ugly tourist

Make sure your travel purchases benefit local people, not tourism moguls and corrupt governments. Investigate the activities offered at cruise destinations and find out if you’re able to travel beyond resort limits.

Go in a Group to watch each other's Backs

Have a Daily Designated group member that does not indulge in Alcohol!

Be Prepared for the Worst - Know FBI and Port-of-Call police numbers

Most passengers don’t realize that if they’re a U.S. citizen they can call the FBI, police, or the embassy at the next port.

But for those who aren’t U.S. citizens, like the majority of crew members, they can only report the crime in the country where the company is registered.

Kids Safety on Cruises

Walk your Kids Back to the Cabin

The other most likely scenario is when men or older teenagers target 13 and 14 year olds in the youth programs or confront them when they are trying to make their way back to their cabins.  To get an idea of how this happens, consider reading Passenger Indicted for Sexual Abuse of 13 Year Old Girl on Disney Wonder Cruise Ship.

How to stay healthy in your Cruise

Avoid these Foods at "Buffets" or Ask for Fresh Preparation

Don't gain weight by having fun Actively!

Severe Sickness from Food on Board is VERY common

  • Each ship has thousands of people board for exotic journeys and all-you-can-eat buffets

Binge eating with unhealthy foods

Most have little exercise on Cruise Ships

  • The idea of "losing weight" does not go with "Entertainment focus"
  • Do they have group exercise classes

How to Choose the right Cruise!

Don’t go on cruises if possible

Pick your cruise line carefully

  • Avoid the worst violators like Royal Caribbean and Carnival along with their subsidiaries (check online like Princess Cruises, etc)

Do your research. The average person spends a great deal of time researching where they want to vacation and how to get the cheapest tickets. Channel some of that consumer energy into looking behind cruise line company practices. International tourism can and should be a great force for good, broadening travellers’ horizons, fostering cultural exchange, and bringing economic development to destination countries. Demand more of the cruise line industry; there is a lot of room for improvement.

$3000+ Purchase - Do your research and Due Diligence

There are several useful websites out there to help you make an informed choice. The following are excellent references and quick reads: Ethical Traveler, Friends of the Earth, Responsible Vacation, Cruise Law News, and the Business and Human Rights Resource Center, which lists legal actions brought against companies. And of course, Tourism Concern has a wealth of information on travelling responsibly and sustainably.

  • Remember those below deck and steer clear of any cruise line that has a record for mistreating its employees.


  • Good Links include
  • A great expert is Dr. Ross Klein's CruiseJunkie.


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