Smarter an AI-powered Cameras ST4US

By pjain      Published Oct. 24, 2019, 12:41 a.m. in blog Startups   

SSDAIC specs - Smarter Software Defined an AI-powered Cameras ST4US

Cheap $20 cameras as good as $200-400 GoPros


Wifi upload to Cloud Service - xDrive

Premium Integration from all

YT++ Cameras

Dashcams - save a bundle on Insurance Claims

Safety Cams - save a bundle on Insurance - No more drunk, distracted driving

Uber-Lyft driver cams

Lots of dead time, space - wasted storage

Multiple Cameras all over

Convert to usable GIF format

Social Media

Modern $1000 Smartphones have become Cameras

iCamera 11

Samsung 11

AR/VR for Every Device

ActionCams Outdoor Tech for Actives


GoPro revisions

Cams with Underwater shell builtin beat expensive Gopro+

  • Compete Most affordable, high quality action camera in the world. No need for bulky, expensive camera gear. Technology has gotten so much better, making memories easier to share. Capture all your adventures in first-person HD video. Waterproof shell is also included! - Action Hero

AI enabled Cameras

Google Clips $250+


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