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=== XFR Mobile Health and Smartwatches Top View of ST4US

Which ones to buy?

Value for our health?

Health Sector is Vital for Smartphones and Watches

Health is major justification for $150, 250+ purchase

Monitoring health has been the most selling factor for wearables technology.

Not only does it help fitness-enthusiasts by providing them with necessary health parameters but also aids patients by providing insights on their conditions. People are more worried about their health and this has led to an increase in shipment of fitness trackers. Since every smartwatch has a component of a fitness tracker, the popularity growth of smartwatch is increasing significantly, as it has multi-functional features for recording health parameters.

But Smartphones can do 90% - for 100x more installed Base

Step Counter chip now in Mobile Phones

Basic Safety - watch called Emergency on Car Crash - High PR

Fitness Tracking was key use BUT stagnating

The use of waterproof fitness trackers in mass and now smartwatches among cyclers, runners, gym-goers, swimmers, and athletes is increasing rapidly, owing to their wide range of monitoring capabilities.

  • Sports trackers

Boosting Fitness features in Series 5

iWatch has the best sensors and software for GPS, heart rate sensor,

  • iWatch Series 5 starts at $399 and includes an electrical heart sensor and an always-on display among other features.

Fitness features have also been enhanced

There are activity trends that show your progress and warn if you become less active

The case is swim-proof, and the prebuilt workout plans include cycling, swimming, yoga, hiking, and more.

All this combines to make the Apple Watch a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and highly accessible fitness tracker, with plenty of motivational alerts to keep you going.

Music and Media during fitness is critical add-on

The wireless synchronization of these watches with smartphones enables users to control music, notifications, alarms, auto sleep, and other functions, which drives the growth of the market.

Best Tech for Cyclists

Garmin - Best for Runners

  • Garmin is known for its Forerunner series, aimed at athletes, which starts at $169 and offers features including heart rate monitor and GPS.
  • Its Fenix premium smartwatches are priced at $800 and feature GPS guidance and heart rate monitor.

  • Garmin Forerunner 945 - Best for running. Review

Best for Swimmers

Medical Features

Boosting Medical and Health Features in Series 5

  • Women: the option to track period cycles for women

  • Elderly features

  • A new noise app that can warn you when you’re at risk of hearing damage.

New electrocardiogram feature

Obesity Epidemic

Nearly three-quarters of American men and more than 60% of women are obese or overweight, which increases the usage of smartwatch, which helps them track their steps every day, the calories they burn, the miles they run or swim, the time they spend sleeping, or register their pulse rate.

Do Health Plans reimburse or subsidize trackers

Regulation as Medical Device

Fitbit is working towards clinical validation and regulatory approval of its software for use in detecting health conditions, such as sleep apnea and atrial fibrillation, which will help in promoting health fitness and growth of the market.

Heart Health and Arrhythmia

The Apple iWatch series 4 can track heart rate, nervous system, emergency, or inactivity alerts, and health-related events. Using smartwatch, a user can take the required precautions in advance by consulting doctors.


Feb 2019 - Samsung introduced a new smartwatch that claimed to monitor blood pressure and keep better track of the person's physical health every day. Samsung is looking at measuring variation in blood pressure and not absolute blood pressure, which makes the person aware of his/her blood pressure activity.


Continuous Monitoring- Cardiac Rehab, after Discharge, Preventing Readmissions

Doctors can easily track patient health status remotely through the smartwatch and can treat them as per the requirement.

More than phones, smartwatches can help in the constant monitoring of recovery status of an operated patient.

Use for Epilepsy

The accelerometers built into smartwatches can potentially be deployed to detect seizures and tremors, particularly with conditions like epilepsy. When epilepsy seizures happen, quick and effective treatment is an essential part of making sure the risks of long-term damage to the body are minimized. If smartwatches can be used to alert friends, family, and healthcare workers about seizures that could make a huge difference for the patient recovery.

Role of Nof1 Trials

By donating this data to science, it can stir up medical research and trials.

Drug Discovery

Medical professionals are being backed by Smartwatch data in solving puzzles, like what would be the impact of a new drug

=== Smartwatch Reviews

Wearable market

  • Wearable market estimated ~$15b 2020 with est 360m users worldwide
  • In 2019 China $4.6b, US $3.1b, India $1.5b, UK 0.5b, Germany 0.4b
  • Market shares ?units: Xiaomi 17%, Apple 15% Huawei 14%, Fitbit 10%, Samsung 9.4%
  • Data includes shipments of wrist-worn wearables, inclusive of smartwatches, basic watches, and wrist bands.Shipment data is in millions.

iWatch Series 5 $399 - best Smartwatch by far

iWatches are status statements and is are quite expensive, especially if you opt for a more durable case material and cellular support.

Make sure you really want the cellular connectivity feature, because if you don’t, you’ll save $100 on your purchase.

Core Features of Series 4 and 5

  • Only works with iPhones
  • Fully customizable watch faces to take advantage of that always-on display.

  • The variants and straps don’t really matter or how much you spend, the functionality is the same. They all come with 32GB of internal storage space, up from 16GB in the Series 4.

  • Lots of variants - Comes in a choice of 40mm and 44mm case sizes. We recommend the 100% recycled aluminum body, but if you want to splash out there are stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic variants.

  • Fashion statement

    Lots of choices for straps - a good one is the Sport Loop straps, and do think the space grey model looks best. There are plenty of great third-party straps available, too.

  • WatchOS 6 which brings a variety of new apps

  • Dedicated iWatch app store to help you find apps

New in Series 5

  1. Always-on display. You no longer have to raise your wrist to bring the screen to life.

  2. WatchOS 6

  3. A new S5 processor powers the Series 5 watch for super-smooth performance and greater efficiency than the S4. Opt for the cellular version and you can leave your iPhone at home and make on-the-wrist calls, check email, or chat with Siri. You will have to pay extra through your carrier to have 4G LTE for calls and data, but a sensible array of apps means the Apple Watch really can work as an iPhone replacement, if only for a short time.

  4. Double memory. They all come with 32GB of internal storage space, up from 16GB in the Series 4.

  5. Problem in battery life - If there is a downside it’s the battery life, something that’s not unique to the Apple Watch. The quoted 18 hours of use is about right, although it can be stretched out for a few more hours with limited use, plus there is a power-saving mode that turns everything off except the time.

  6. RVW

Android Smartwatches 101

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 - $300 Best for Android

  • Samsung’s Galaxy Watches start at $330 and features contactless payments and smartphone connectivity. * Its Galaxy Fit, is a fitness band priced at $100 and tracks the user’s vitals and moves.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes in two sizes, with a 40mm or 44mm case and a 1.2-inch or 1.4-inch Super AMOLED screen, which is tough, bright, vibrant, and sharp.

It has a digital rotating bezel in the Watch Active 2 rather than a mechanical one as in prior Gear.

It uses Samsung’s own Tizen software, and some claim that Tizen’s better than Google’s Wear OS as of 2019-10. However it should work with any Android phone, regardless of whether it’s made by Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, or any other brand. (?Is Tizen a variant of Android?)

  • Strong fitness features: heart rate sensor, automatic workout recognition, fitness tracking, onboard GPS, and a range of fitness apps available through Samsung’s app store.
  • Coaching Features: There’s also a built-in running coach, alerts if you’re sedentary for too long
  • Futures: Samsung has an ECG feature in the works, which may alert you to any irregularities in your heartbeat.

  • LTE support if you’re willing to pay a bit more

  • Media Support: you can browse YouTube and Twitter

  • It has 4GB of internal storage space for music, supports Spotify music playlists, and can connect to Bluetooth headphones so you can work out without your phone.

  • Traveller Support - You can use Google Translate directly from your wrist.

  • Swim friendly - It’s also IP68 rated and can handle depths of up to 5 meters.

Earlier Galaxy Gear watch had bad HR sensor

It had a rotating bezel we liked so much in the Samsung Galaxy Watch, which helps you zip through the menus quickly and simply, rather than prodding and swiping on a tiny touchscreen for every interaction.


Fitbit Watches Review

  • Fitbit’s Versa Lite tracks activity, sleep and heart rate and is priced at $159.95
  • Fitbit Versa 2 is priced at $199.95 and comes with Amazon Alexa and heart rate tracker.

Android Smartwatches Other Reviews

  • Huawei Technologies offers Huawei Watch 2 GT, priced at $275 and offers carrier support, GPS, heart rate monitor, offline music support and tracks user’s vitals.

  • WearOS watches get their Apps from the Google Play Store for apps.

The Misfit Vapor X - among best WearOS watch

  • It has a Snapdragon Wear 3100 inside, which is essential because it offers a better battery life and improved performance over older chips.
  • The 1.2-inch AMOLED display is sharp and bright, even in direct sunlight
  • Battery life is also pretty decent and it’s waterproof up to 5 meters.
  • It has 4GB storage space
  • Can pair with either iPhone or Android
  • It has GPS on board, an altimeter, a gyroscope, NFC, a small microphone, and a heart rate sensor.

  • Fitness tracking comes via Google Fit, which is accessible and does a good job of providing achievable goals, though it won’t satisfy athletes seeking in-depth data.

  • Misfit Vapor X Best Android WearOS Review

Best Android for Runners

  1. Garmin Forerunner 945 - Best for running but expensive @ $600. Review

  2. Designed for iPhone or Android users who want smartwatch looks with tons of fitness-specific features. At 47mm it is quite large, but weighs a manageable 50 grams. That’s not bad going considering the hardware packed in here, which includes an optical heart rate monitor, barometric altimeter, pulse oximeter, compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, and even a thermometer. Information is displayed on the 1.2-inch, always-on display, which is bright and fairly sharp. You can customize the face to suit you, but the real attraction of a watch like this is the tracking capabilities and it can handle more than 30 different indoor and outdoor sports, though it’s particularly good for running, nailing basics like distance and pace, but also offering useful features for serious athletes, like altitude and heat acclimatization.

The Garmin Forerunner 945 will also track your sleep, monitor your stress, and accurately track runs via GPS.

  • Notifications control - You can decide what phone notifications you want to receive on your wrist, though there are fewer options if you’re an iPhone owner. Battery life is stellar — it can go up to two weeks between charges.

  • Music makes training more fun is the space for up to 1,000 music tracks and Bluetooth support to enable you to pair headphones.


It’s designed for the triathlete in training and so it primarily tracks running, biking, and swimming. It can also handle hiking, GPS cardio, and gym cardio, but you’ll have to start sessions manually. While the activities may be limited there are plenty of metrics on show, enabling you to check your pace, distance, heart rate, elevation, and more in real-time by switching between the five data screens.

Its water resistance makes it perfect for tracking swimming.

Android Smartwatches for Asia Pacific and Lower End

  1. Mobvoi Ticwatch E2 Best value at $160 Review

  2. Comes with a heart rate sensor on the back, and GPS to track your run.

  3. The only notable missing feature is NFC for Google Pay.
  4. One negative for low price is it is bare bones black watch looks.
  5. Its battery lasts only for 1 full day not two.

Hybrid smartwatches are Cheapest

In the 150s these are are well-designed, non-touchscreen hybrids. The price changes depending on the type of strap you select, while the features remain the same.

  1. Fossil Grant
  2. Commuter

  3. Nate

  4. Nate Neely

  5. Fossil Carlie, and Jacqueline watches all cost from $155 directly from

  6. [Fossil(

Best Android Smartwatches for women

  • It’s the best-looking smartwatch if you have smaller wrists.
  • A cool feature for women is it can customize the watch face according to the colors of your outfit, which is called into action using the button beneath the crown. This is getting copied by other companies like Samsung.
  • It has the Google’s Wear OS operating system, so it connects to Android and iOS devices
  • v2 added a heart rate sensor, GPS, and NFC for Android Pay.

  • Kate Spade Scallop 2 for women $295. Review


Smartwatch Architecture and Technical Review


Smartwatch Technology Review

Use of Superior GPS and Accelerometers built into smartwatches

Smartwatch Development Strategy

Swift for Apple - dominates in Watches

Android Wear is nowhere in smartwatches!

Android - how much reuse between TV, Wear, Auto, etc etc?

=== Smartwatch Market Keys, Trends

Size of Market, CAGR=18%

  • Regions that are growing the fastest

    • Asia Pacific - status symbol, high population - but lower end devices proliferate
    • North America
    • Europe - fad has not caught on
    • Africa, EMEA is very slowest - average income low
  • With a CAGR of 18% - Note: this is strictly for smartwatches (not fitness trackers)

Year | Size$| ------|------|------| 2018 | $48b| 2024| $130b|

  • Sports trackers

Globally Traditional Watches wipeout on Cheap Feature Phones and Smartphones

Smartwatches now make up 65.7pc of the market

Very Fragmented Market

Majors in Watches and Smartwatches

Majors in Watches losing out

  • Rolex

Apple - No 1

Apple recently launched its fifth iteration of its Watch, which retails between £399 and £1,399. Wrist-worn technology is predicted to become increasingly popular, with 152.7m devices predicted to be sold by the end of the year, a 22pc increase from 2018, according to IDC.

Fitbit - No 2

  • 2015 disastrous public listing in 2015
  • As its low-profit mass trackers stagnate and Apple kills it in the smartwatch space, Fitbit’s share price has dwindled from a high of $32 to just $4 till 2019-10.

  • 2019-10 Google announced bid to buyout Fitbit (whose stock jumped 22%) mainly for its smartwatch Versa product line

Samsung - No 3

Garmin - No 4

Fossil Group - - No 5 Uses google's WatchOS

Google - to enter with a PixelWatch?

  • 2016 announced reentering smartphone, the Google Pixel, that would be priced similarly to the iPhone. Earlier this month it launched the Pixel 4. With its Pixelbook line

  • 2019-10 announced bid to buyout Fitbit mainly for its smartwatch Versa product line

Xiaomi - Largest Cheap Tracker, less in Smartwatches

Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 4, priced at 39.99 euro ($44.64), comes with heart rate and proximity sensor to allow some touchless operation.

Huawei - Potential to supplement as "me too"


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