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Ideas By Sector

--- hTrk Dia Card Wt Fit Med Habit Med Sleep

hTrk - ekBody4Life

Diabetes APP

Core App for Coaching, Goal to Action Plans

T2D BPR via Lifestyle

DIA Pathways, TR, Theory

NICHE: Prediabetes, DPP - no need to progress - If EZ WILL MODIFY Lifestyle

NICHE: Insulin Dependent T2D - Treating via CGM, Natural low-carb smarter - End with Better Means!

NICHE: Kidney Care Naturally, Coached - beyond simple Dialysis

Cardiac, BP APP

NICHE: BP Log+Control with Timers - Medical Relax! TUNE YOUR MEDS! Resell BP BT Monitors

hCoaching, Notifications, hAI

ABOUT Profile - Settings Port

hAI hCoach hSpecs, Docs, hAI, Coaching

hCoaching Specs


RL Offline

NN2ES, Knowledge Engineering, Planning

N-Cure Universal Apps

Activity Fitness

Med Reminder APP

Habit APP




Weight, Food



WTLOSS CORE APP - IT CAN BE DONE with ezSmartPersonalization/NonRegulated

hFit, WO, Rehab APP

Gut - Health, Food

Germ Theory, Reducing Inflammation, Boosting Immunity, Cleanse, Detoxify

Food, Health, Grocery/MealKit, ReadyToHeat-Health - Startups


hCare, Telemedicine

ekMedical - Technology Enabled Tele hCare,

Elder Care, Monitoring, Hospice

--- Enterprise, SaaS, MFA, CRM, Collab, Comm, Chat



Mkt, Monetization, Engage

Visualization, Charting

Tasks WorkLifeFun FoTeams AutoFlow Growth

0. Tasks

B. WorkLifeFun: AI, PIMsy WFH

Collab, CRM/Growth, Social Media Marketing

C. FoTeams - Future of Work, Team SwMgt, Team Productivity, Tracking, Project, Agile

Productivity Theory, BPR

A. AutoFlow Tasks, RPA, Workflow, Automation, IFTT, Lambda7, DevOps

SN Degree7 - DoItWithFriends - Contacts, People, Fun, Networking

DJ SN Core


Instagram For Business For Dummies Why is Instagram so popular? - Quora Why is INSTAGRAM getting so much popular these days? - Quora Why Instagram is so popular? - Quora How did Instagram become so popular though Facebook existed? - Quora Which is the most popular picture on Instagram? - Quora Why Instagram became more popular than Twitter? As Instagram is just a photo-sharing platform. - Quora How do services, like Instagram, gain traction and become popular while other services with better features do not? - Quora What is the purpose of Instagram? - Quora Why Instagram Is The Top Social Platform For Engagement (And How To Use It) 6 Reasons Behind The Rise In Popularity Of Instagram

SN Photos

Keep a Cameraphone Photo Album To-do List

SN Success

Create a new social networking site in few hours using pinax platform (django). A social network in django : django (5) How do I build a Social network site using Django? - Quora Social Network Built with Django | Greg Allard python - Experiences of creating Social Network site in Django - Stack Overflow Is django still good for making a social network? : django A Social Networking Site: The how to, dos and don'ts (Any and all advice welcome) : django python - Django for social networking - Stack Overflow Django Packages : Social Python Programming Tutorials django-socialnetwork · PyPI Django Social Network - Education Ecosystem django social network - Google Search vitorfs/bootcamp: An enterprise social network Bootcamp: Python for social network — Quintagroup buckyroberts/Vataxia: Open source social network built with Django and Django REST framework Pinax build a social network with python: tutorial for beginners - YouTube Django by Example : Creating a Social Website Project | packtpub.com - YouTube Designing a Social Network (It's called Evverest) - YouTube

Dating SN

Review of dating Apps, BPR build

DJ Dating

DoItWithFriends - People and Fun

C My Profile Online

  • Reputation tracking
  • Find this person
  • Search by Image - made EZ

D Univ SNs

Comm Collab Chat - Django Projects for us Top refs

  • hvDncd DJ3byEx-hv -ch13
  • hvDncd CookDj3W4 WebDevCookbook4thEd.epub


DJ DB Backup, DevOps Automation, Cookbook

  • Cron jobs -- ch12 hv CookDj3W4 WebDevCookbook4thEd.epub
  • Backup/Restore DB script - mysqlDump

Setup a Chat Server

? Zulip * DJ3byEx-ch13


Research Collaborative Promotion - FoW

Innovation, Creativity Policy

Green Innovation, Cleantech

Makerspaces and Fabs

TODO Research Collaboration

CMSy Nots, Journals, Memorials, Content, News Reader

Presentation, Slideshows - for viral Ads/clickbait



Videos, Media Share

Project Features

  • Better Blog Features
  • Search
  • Name: word1,word2,phrase 1,...
  • Series as a Block
  • Comments Management
    • Delete all Comments in system, for blog, post
    • Lock out comments - by author
  • Cardy Dashboard - by tag, topic, or Search
  • Group User IDs, ACL, Roles, Organization/Multi-Author controlled blogs
    • Private Blogs
    • Organization/Multi-Author controlled blogs
    • Author ACL
    • Lockout Comments Management
  • Image - Featured
  • Summarization of Post - Feature in summary

ros TOC


B MyTimeline, MyStories, MyLife - SN Startup - Notes>Journals

Level1: Note Heaps - Simple Productivity, Work Life Balance

Journals Beauty and Style - Think,Creativity, Journal, Ideas

C Memorials


Slides and Diagrams

DocManagement, Conversion

D Reader

E Media Guides

E Travel Guides

HRV, Enterprise Systems

Services Innovation



ELang, English




BAM7 Finance SN, Portfolio Sharing


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