Specs4US All - Series and Guide

By pjain      Published May 5, 2020, 3:20 a.m. in blog Lambda7   

See Also: Productivity and Communication Skills Series

APP: Work Life Balance

APP Tasks

See Also: Productivity and Communication Skills Series

Team, Project, Time Tracking, Productivity, Velocity

APP: Notes

Level1: Note Heaps - Simple Productivity, Work Life Balance

Journals Beauty and Style - Think,Creativity, Journal, Ideas

APP: Contacts, Communications, Collab, People, Fun, Networking

Level 3 People and Fun

goMDK, Tech Specs XFR

ORM Data Management, Backup Restore

Lambda7 Backend, Django Specs

Lambda7 AI Series

Health Specs Series

Part of Series Health Coaching and Wellness

CMSy - Notes++

Blog7 Specs

Docs Management, Conversion

Communication and Collab Specs4Us



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