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mr Workflow, Documents, Storage and Collab Tools

So many tools available, productivity-heads (ourselves included) may find themselves constantly switching between different tools. But even though the products are similar, they're certainly differentiated and a welcome advance from their predecessor, the G-Suite.


A Google Sheets replacement that raised $100M at a $1.1B valuation. It has a rich templating ecosystem, with pre-built spreadsheets for content calendars, project tracking, user research, employee directories, and more.


A document management platform, has templates for everything from wedding planning to roadmapping. The startup prides itself on its small size— it was only 30 people last December. Despite that, Notion just raised at a $2B valuation in April, giving it one of the highest valuation-to-employee ratios in the industry.


Replaces Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, also has a rich template ecosystem. The startup, founded by former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor, was acquired by Salesforce for $750M.


Its copy aptly says “Enough of this sheet,” is a replacement for G-Suite. It comes with a doc gallery that includes templates for making investment decisions, doing retrospectives, and running distributed projects.

Health, Corporate Wellness and Culture - IDEA: Professional Career Development for Employees, Toronto, CA

  • PRODUCTS: its New focus includes education, team building, and wellness.

    • Pivot beyond corporate food to the business of virtual health and wellness
    • Originally had planned in 2021 to PHYSICAL team building activities like Escape Rooms and other experiences
  • Covid-19 pandemic adaptation, it is now focusing on virtual workplace culture.

    • Life in Covid-19 is VERY different in just six months, but will be even more different by 2021
    • With employees being isolated, wellness and mental health are a big area of focus for companies.
  • Vision and then expand to additional culture-related verticals/now 4 total pillars of Culture

    • Companies looking for a way to manage their culture initiatives to attract and retain employees
    • Custom offering: a weekly yoga class, a monthly cooking class, and mixology classes, professional development sessions
      1. Master food
      1. Education
      1. Team building
      1. Wellness
  • 2020-08 Raised $33m in a second round of funding

    • Has 75 employees, and will use funds to grow its team - PRIMARILY in Sales, Paid Ads, Email Marketing and Development.
  • 2016 founded as Platterz, focused on improving culture, workplace happiness by providing employees with quality meals.

    • CEO Eran Henig, co-founder Yishay Waxman

Enterprise Sales

A startup providing an “intelligence platform” for enterprise sales teams, today nabbed $200 million in funding at a $2.2 billion valuation. Gong uncovers patterns in sales data. It captures customer interactions through phone, video, e-mail, and face-to-face interactions, and integrates this with customer relationship management data.

RPA, Large Scale Automation

RPA Majors, Review

InstaBase - financial services app store and expanding by Sector

NIche Task Automation Companies


  • A drag-and-drop productivity tool enabling everyone to automate manual data tasks. Explore 3 jobs.

GIG Economy


A single platform to design for multiple transportation modes to thrive in your city. Explore 2 jobs.


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