Sugar industry and unfair Chinese tariffs and Quotas

By pjain      Published Oct. 14, 2019, 7:34 p.m. in blog Invest   

Sugar Takeaways

Sugar Glut

There is a glut of sugar, production should be significantly reduced

Sugar consumes lots of valuable water

Health Policy and Sugar

Sugar base for food addictions

Sugar is addictive to the brain

Sugar in foods a major cause of Obesity and Diabetes

Major Exporters

Adulterated Sugar - is it a problem?

You have to be very careful about sugar- from india or china..they mix it with cheap flour or finely granulated hard wood to increase profits. Several times in China we noticed that our sugar was not sweet and examination at a lab revealed wood particles...Bangladeshi and Indians have been adulterating spices for decades .. recent lead in turmeric from Bangladesh.



Major Importers, Tariffs and duties

China protectionism to protect its domestic sugar industry even at higher prices

China has been doing this for decades (along with dumping their own vast over supply of commodities (at below cost) on the market on the world in violation of WTO rules).

China closes its markets at the CCP'S whim.

What is Sugar used for in China? - for Alcohol, CCP Bribes?

US protects with tariffs and quotas - costs 3x world price

Americans pay 3 times or more for sugar than the rest of the world because of our quotas on imports?

Corn HFCS is a major political play. It is a major reason for subsidies to corn lobbies and despite fructose being proven far more deadly than sucrose (in sugar), it is liberally added to nearly every food made in US.

Politics of why do we protect something that is not grown in US anyway - but mostly processed from bulk raw imports by sugar corporations?

Most people are too fat and too addicted to sugar.

Singapore - heavy import duties

It fears its children taking too much sugary foods will grow up obese adults having diseases that require long term treatments, and eats into Singapore Reserves


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