Survival Vehicles

By pjain      Published June 17, 2020, 12:28 a.m. in blog Travel-Workouts-Fitness   

Survival Vehicle Selection

r Scr

A Reliable - easy to repair

A Pre 1980 or even earlier

  • Easier to hotwire

C Diesel is better - more reliable - can run with homemade fuel

  • Unleaded gas, are very highly specific
  • Recent blended Ethanol gasolines can gel car engines - need special additives, etc.

B Stick Shift - simpler - works without a

B Lots of room - suv vs Truck

  • You can save it

C Tow Package built in - in hitch of

  • Lights behind

C Winch

D Front guard - push other

B Blend in, Non-threatening - plain, black preferable,


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