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Ideas Journals 101

Mind Mapping 101

What - Get the big picture?

Mind-mapping is a big picture tool, which works outwards from a central idea and into sub-concepts, Popularized by author Tony Buzan, mind maps work by visually laying out a central idea, giving rise to sub-branches of related ideas. As a result, you see ideas and how they relate.

Paper and pencil tools

Why g0 digital

Taking the mapping concept to a digital venue allows for a near-infinite array of sub-topics, links, and other data to be implemented.

Technology can add value to productivity tools like mind mapping. Properly applied, tech can add richness, resiliency, interactivity and shareability to information.

Across platforms

Working across platforms, gives you an endless “canvas” for drawing ideas, for example, and the ability to endlessly add and remove nodes to a map. Images, links and a variety of visualization types create more ways for ideas to be documented and explored.

Endless innovation/creativity

How Collaborative is it? Or is it mostly a single User tool?

By connecting its tools to the cloud, Mind Vector syncs ideas across devices and opens them to team collaboration.

Powerful Desktop tools at Core

  • Strong app for Mac desktops -> browser, Mobile (eg Mind Vector one of top leaders)

Browser Apps

Mobile apps

  • it allows you to track your ideas on the go

VR - 3D Mind Maps

Since location and space play such a big role in how we think and remember, translating mind maps into “physical space” adds a powerful dimension to visual thinking.

  • The benefit of advanced VR mind maps is that they let you think in three dimensions and this can be very essential when someone is trying to brainstorm for a project.

  • Mind Vector VR

Mkt Structure and Rvw

  • Has about 1 m users who have tried Mind Mapping in past or currently use it.

Mind Vector Web .com 1.5m users


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