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Language Learning Market Structure

Language stats

  1. USA has LOTs of Foreign language speakers

    • 48.5% or 67m in 5 LARGEST US Cities speak a foreign language at home
    • In broader US 22% speak a foreign language at home - of course this includes traditional rural and smaller cities
    • This is up by 7m just since 2010, has doubled the 35m in 1990, and nearly triple of 1980.
  2. Most of those who speak a foreign language at home were born in US

    • 85% born in US of Children (5-17 year in school) who speak a foreign language at hom
    • 33% Adults (18+) born in US
  3. Majority of these speakers think they don't know English well and WOULD LIKE TO IMPROVE it

  4. Spanish is the largest language grew by to 41m speakers, but others rising fast (larger than 400k speakers) from 2010-2017

Language NumM %incr +Num Notes
Spanish 41m 4000k
Chinese 3.5 23% 650k
Tagalog 1.7 173k
Vietnam. 1.5 117k Many after Vietnam war
Arabic 1.2 42% 360k
French 1.2
Korean 1.1
Haitian .89 19% Rapid refugees on asylum - Trump deported a few
-------- --- ----- ------- ----------
Hindi .86 42% 254k 72% - Hindi/Urdu can be bundled as they can understand each other
Telugu .42 86% 192k
Urdu .51 30% 118k " "
Tamil .29 55% 100k
Gujarati .43 22% 80k
Bengali .35 57% 128k Includes both Indian and Bangladesh immigrants
Punjabi .32 26% 66k

States with the largest share of their populations speaking a foreign language at home in 2017 were California (44 percent); Texas (36 percent); New Mexico (33 percent); New Jersey (32 percent); New York and Nevada (both 31 percent); Florida (30 percent); Arizona (27 percent); Hawaii (26 percent); and Massachusetts (24 percent).

  • SRC: Census Places Survey 2016


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