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DJ Misc - FB ish


Performance and Scalability

For a site with a small user base (<10,000 users), is it possible to create a Django-backed site that would perform at a speed similar to Facebook?

  • DESIGN What are its potential weaknesses, and things that need to be focused on in order to make it as fast as possible?

  • Get things to work.

  • Profile to find bottlenecks.
  • Focus on the profiling results to make it as fast as possible.

  • python - Django for social networking - Stack Overflow

YouTube Tutes

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ros Sort Misc

TW Clone Ex

IG Clone Ex

Tumblr Reddit, Digg, Delicious Clone Ex

OTHER OS Review - Sort - all language - PHP?

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=== AB - as foundation of "My Contacts"


Android Contact SYNC - AB, CRM

Email Based PN

ID, Site, My Portfolio, MyCalendar, Contact Form, Calendly - MEET ME

My ID, Portfolio, Blog

Contact Form

WebRTC for ME - privacy

PN, Reminder, Notes, History

==== CRM, SMEs apps

Social Media and Customer Acquisition for Me!

Purpose Oriented Group

SME, Invoicing, Biz Networking

=== ab SN Core Specs - Friends and Family, Dating

Near ME - Discovery, Adhoc

Adhoc Networking SN


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