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Unique Features - Nudge

People are busy, distracted, lazy, not targeted or just not motivated enough.


So this app helps remind my goals, my tasks, my schedules and keeps track on my activities. Make notifications short and simple like, "Hey XYZ. It's been a while you started working on this." or "You have this schedule upcoming". Your bucket list will be kept secret. Reminders to complete a task if you have made no progress in 3 days. You can turn on and off some notifications. We respect your privacy. I am a solo developer, so, hopefully I can help and fix your problem.

Task Breakdown - Step by Step

You can even add step-by-step process to make a task complete.

Bucket List - $$ as Rewards

This app also has a bucket list type feature which helps me to remind how much money I need to buy them.

Track my Life, Geofencing

  • Keep track of where you've eaten, visited
  • Learn your commute, office, home locations

t Prod Theory, Mkt Apps Rvw

r Productivity

===== MAJOR Productivity Theory ============

WRITTEN Goals to Action Plans

Goal Setting, Execution, Performance Eval - indiv, group

Priority Grids



Pomodoro Philosophy

Show In-place in "current" Task row

Tips for Productivity

Tips for Project Management




Mental Game - Mind Mapping, Goal Setting

Life Tracking

  • SRC: https://github.com/gndps/eatsleephustlerepeat

Goal Setting

Mind mapping, Thinking, Idea Journals

Happiness, Teams

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SRC: Zapier

Scr, Resources



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