Taxation policies of Major Countries

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Taxation policies of Major Countries favor Foreign HQs - Review, Keys

Ireland major Tax Haven for HQs

UK - London is a major Tax Haven for non-residents

  • 20% Corporate tax rate is LOW
  • Gateway to major tax havens esp Caribbean - after colonial empire brokeup UK wealth concentrated there

  • Foundations and trusts are typical tax haven vehicles used by foreigners to offer a protective tax-free or tax-reduced wrapper around assets.

  • Friendly to non-residents - no taxes on foreign investments?

  • England has been particularly popular with non-resident billionaires who benefit from a lack of income taxes or capital gains taxes on investments held outside of the country.

Germany - friendly banking system

  • Corporate taxation

    • Only 5% tax on dividends and capital gains. These classes of income are considered nondeductible operating expenditures according to German accounting standards.
  • Non-resident friendly banking system - but bit less than Switzerland

    • freed from the burden of taxes on interest in Germany.
    • Ensures privacy of account holders.
  • Foreign income is largely exempt from domestic taxation

    • foreign dividends are exempt from taxation
    • foreign income earned in foreign branches


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