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Lessons from the Best Female Celebrity Workouts

Britney Spears - Baby HIIT me one one more time

Britney, the Princess of Pop, has been open with fans on maintaining her fitness routine. The singer frequently shows off her dance and yoga routines on social media, and she's also been straightforward about how she strives to maintain her weight.

But not tried to exploit them as commercial products, perhaps as she got off popular circuit after her breakdown.

She divides her own daily workout into a very aggressive training schedule.

1. 20 minutes of cardio bodyweight to benefit different areas

Putting your respiratory system to work, building and maintaining muscle instead of just counting "burnt" calories.

To get those cardio minutes in, Britney works out using a series of .

A pair of arm weights and that trusty mirror was all Spears needed to lead us through her preferred series of arm lifts, squats, side lunges, and planks.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks help strengthen your muscles, especially the lower extremities.

Boxing strokes with dumbbells

The basis of this movement is to stretch and bend the arms as if trying to hit an object in front of you, just like you would in a boxing ring. To add difficulty, and therefore make more of your muscles work harder, pick up some dumbbells – preferably no more than two pounds each. In addition to working your arms and forearms, you are also strengthening and toning your shoulders.

Lateral leg lifts

Standing and with your hand resting on a wall or barre, raise your leg to as close to a 90º angle as possible from the floor. To achieve maximum effectiveness with this exercise, always stay upright, look straight ahead and tighten your abdomen. Do this exercise enough and you will see the benefits in your in your quadriceps, buttocks, and the lower core area.

Sumo squats

These are a variant of squats but with legs apart. They are ideal for sculpting your buttocks and help define quadriceps and hamstrings. Britney uses a support barre for this one. Remember that your feet should point outward and the knees should never turn forward or bend beyond your feet.

2. She has Fantastic Abs - 1000 situps really?

She supposedly does 1,000 sit-ups every day to maintain her fantastic Abs.

3. 20 minutes of yoga

Britney is a faithful practitioner of the discipline and loves to do the very sweaty but effective hot yoga workout, saying it makes her feel stronger. "All I can say is: thank God for yoga," she wrote on her social media profile.

4. Doing an hour on the treadmill esp timed runs and inclines

To wrap up the cardiovascular routine, it is time to hit the treadmill. If you are not at the gym and don't have a treadmill at home, just do steps in place, or go for a walk or jog.

Gyms and Personal Trainers Intense for Shows/Tour prep on top of home workout

Brit whipped her body into shape in preparation for her 90-minute high-energy Las Vegas show. She’s a member of five gyms and participates in at least 14 workouts per week (i.e. home+1 external/gym) and does 1,000 sit-ups every day.

Spears enlisted the help of superstar trainer Tony Martinez, who helped her workout more efficiently.

Weights Training

While she used to be against strength training (like so many women are), Britney now sees the body benefits of weight lifting and Pilates.

Diets are Critical

While she loves fast food —the paparazzi has often caught her with McDonalds, and that she loves tacos, pizza and Oreos, saying “They’re the best!” If that doesn’t make a body like Britney’s seem a little more attainable, we’re not sure what will.

She gave junk and fast food all up to complement her intense fitness routine.

Britney also takes professional help to “balance out her proteins, carbs, and fat” to optimize her diet.


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