Technology to help Pragmatic Policy management not Rigid Social Distancing for Covid-19

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Simple IMMUNE BOOSTING cures - no Mainstream or Medical attention paid to it

Better than SIP - Testing, Contact Tracing

HUGE economic problems of SIP

Better public policy and LEARNING fast - adapting vs FUD/Politics?

Other countries have started reopening following exactly these steps.

Rigorous Extensive and Broad Testing

So far, the United States is conducting fewer than half the number of tests required

Requiring Facemasks in all Public places

Temperature screening

Contact Tracing

In contact tracing, infected patients are identified and their recent contacts notified and quarantined.

Problem of Contact tracing

Heavy Labor

USA alone needs to recruit more than 300,000 contact-tracers.

Apps did NOT work well

Privacy Issues

Heavy Penalties for Chaos Monkey spreaders!

Enforced selective Quarantines of at source exposed - issues of "self compliancce"

Isolation of Vulnerable and Elderly

Therapeutic drugs not vaccines

Search for relief not prevention/cures

  1. WHO

    The World Health Organization began a global search for drugs to treat Covid-19 patients in March. If successful, those drugs could lower the number of hospital admissions and help people recover faster from home while narrowing the infection window so fewer people catch the virus.

Science behind Covid-19 Safety

How Aerosols Spread via Sneezes and Aerosol of Coughs and Talking

Gyms must be thoughtful in terms of spacing and capacity because users “generate a lot of sweat, and people are breathing really hard.” The germs will travel from lungs of sick but asymptomatic users to well around them, even if not sneezing or coughing.

Outdoors CAN be safer, you need to take precautions

In general being outdoors is safer than being inside, because there’s more airflow and room to physically distance.

Swimming is probably unsafe

The CDC says that there’s no evidence that Covid-19 can be spread through the water in hot tubs, pools and water play areas. The chemicals chlorine and bromine used in pools have been shown to kill other types of coronaviruses.

However in reality, parents know children are not even capable of staying at least six feet from others - they will bang into others or play together.

PRACTICAL TIP> But avoid a public pools with lots of people and high-touch surfaces surrounding the water and locker rooms.

Natural bodies of water, such as the ocean, lakes and rivers, may be large enough to dilute the virus and decrease the risk. However, you should keep your distance from other people swimming and do your best not to accidentally swallow the water. As with on-land, you should avoid gatherings of more than 10 people and continue to wash your hands frequently - CDC.

Child play areas, play structures, park benches are UNSAFE

  • Because they are not being disinfected, it is NOT SAFE to play in areas being touched by others or even sit in shared benches. Even if they are occasionally disinfected, there is no guarantee that someone else hasn't touched that surface in between.

--- Best Practices for Reopening Facilities and Offices

Screening Questionnaires and Temperature

  1. All users now have to fill out and often sign a short form with contact details, recent travel history and state if we have had any contact with people who have tested positive for coronavirus.

  2. Users have to have their temperature taken upon entry to the facility.

Even while 60%+ Covid-19 positive may be asymptomatic, however this does rule out the most infectious ones with sneezing and other extreme symptoms.

Disinfecting Properly

Cleaning staff MUST attend to the gym, restaurant or office equipment MUCH MORE than before the coronavirus crisis.

However, even if they are occasionally disinfected, there is no guarantee that someone else hasn't touched that surface in between. So you really need to disinfect BEFORE and after you use the equipment!

  1. Businesses should provide cleaning materials that protect against viruses like Covid-19,
  2. The sprays and wipes are EPA-approved disinfectants for SARS-CoV-2.
  3. All these disinfectants often need a one-to-two-minute kill tim - so staff has to spray, wait a couple minutes, and then wipe equipment before users can safely use it.
  4. BLOCK USAGE of the equipment properly - make it “make it clear” to patrons NOT to use equipment during the disinfection.

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is extremely important, especially when you’re touching lots of surfaces at the office, shopping or in gyms. Any business or facility that values the safety of their members should make hand sanitizers and hand washing sinks readily available.


Limit Capacity and Persons

While in past a facility like a gym may have had 30 or 50 people, now classes may be limited to eight people only, in accordance to social-distancing guidelines. This will require booking in advance, often with cancellation or no-show penalty clauses.

New Technology for Covid Distancing - What works and what doesn't

Exercise cloth bandanas

Gyms must be thoughtful in terms of spacing and capacity because users “generate a lot of sweat, and people are breathing really hard.” The germs will travel from lungs of sick but asymptomatic users to well around them, even if not sneezing or coughing.

So even if the exercise equipment are really well spaced, the hard breathing will lead to saturating air around a lot.

  1. Wearing a face mask during a workout might become standard procedure (or mandatory), even though it can be uncomfortable.

  2. There are also cloth bandannas that are face coverings made for working out — they are typically worn by runners to protect their face from sun and wind, so they can still breathe well.

The problem with wearing a mask or bandanna while exercising is the mask itself would get damp and then stop working in stopping infecting nearby let alone becoming uncomfortable.

Heavy fans and Ventilation to evacuate or refresh the air

HEPA filter

Gym Barriers

  • In the USA gyms, large sporting events, and theme parks are generally considered big tourist attractions in Red States like Atlanta and Florida. Under Republican governors and Trump ironically these are slated to be among the first to reopen. The White House Guidelines for Opening Up America indicates that gyms are in the first phase of reopening "can open if they adhere to strict physical distancing and sanitation protocols." CNBC says gyms in Georgia, Iowa, Tennessee and Oklahoma, have already opened.

  • However, "gyms have stacked exercise machines tightly into a close space. .. They're not ideally designed for social distancing," - Kevin Heffernan, professor of human performance at Syracuse University.

Between Treadmills

Hong Kong gym like the Pure Fitness in Quarry Bay have "dividers help to stop the spread of the virus" when 1.5-meter distance, in line with Hong Kong government's suggestion.

[But] experts say the dividers Lucas photographed in Hong Kong alone would not provide enough protection — machines should also be spaced out at least six feet apart with fewer people using them at a time to reduce the risk of transmission.

Between Exercise Bikes

Online Trainers like Peloton providing classes as Gyms are closed down

Barber Shops


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