Trump Administration Health Incompetence in Covid Era

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Trump's Health Incompetence in Covid Era

Inaction to reduce Health Care Costs

Trump Bungled response - 2 month delay in Covid response

Dr Fauci

Eric Edwards - Opioid abuser, now leads Trump's $350m Pharma API initiative

The Trump administration announced a four-year, $354 million contract with Phlow, which aims to produce both drug ingredients and generic medicines in the United States.

Peter Navarro, a sharp critic of China and a champion of bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. More than 70 percent of the world’s drug ingredients are made overseas — many in India and China. “You've got patriotic scientists and engineers producing essential medicines at very low margins in defense of the American people,” Navarro said of Phlow. But the new company has no track record in drug manufacturing, and it’s not clear when its assembly lines will begin churning out products.

Eric Edwards has a dicey track record, though, which includes his company's decision to increase the price of its opioid overdose antidote by more than 600% between 2014 and 2017 in report from a U.S. Senate subcommittee report released in 2018. (Silverman, 5/19).

Robert Redfield Trump, CDC Director

  • Ended up after Trump’s first CDC director, Brenda Fitzgerald, who was forced to resign in January after revelations of multiple conflicts of interest involving stocks and other investments.
  • Many told Trump that he

Faulty Covid test, Incompetence delayed by 5 weeks

CDC got sidelined, Budgets Cut under Redfield - Trump handicapped it - for Pharma donors benefit

  • He doesn't come to press conferences or even come to the White House
  • He allowed miserly penny pinching in the name of deregulation that crippled the CDC. Under his leadership it suffered a budget crisis that twice compelled closure of critical laboratory and disease-fighting services, the CDC desperately needs a leader who can promise stability and expertise.

AIDS scandals - bad data and results

From the early 1980s to the early 1990s, when the AIDS epidemic was claiming a staggering death toll, and no treatment for HIV existed, Redfield was a U.S. Army major and vaccine researcher at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Maryland.

  • His research focused on gp160, a protein projection from the type of HIV most commonly found in North America. The military researchers worked together with a Connecticut-based company called MicroGeneSys to develop and test the gp160 vaccine. While data showed it was ineffective, he loudly claimed at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam in 1992 that VaxSyn prevented HIV from destroying key elements of patients’ immune systems, called CD4 cells. Peers accused Redfield of cherry-picking and mis-interpreting data, over-touting the data, even long after admitting "errors".

  • The FDA declined to approve continued human testing.

  • Inspite of that, the company lobbied senators at hearings where Redfield testified that VaxSyn was within 12 months of being ready for a large-scale human test that would prove the gp160 concoction could stop the disease process. Congress was bowled over and approved $20 million for further human experiments and opening up risky trials that FDA had banned earlier. Also in the chorus of VaxSyn backers was then-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney. Clearly Republican backers were aligned with the lobbying.

  • Trials dragged on through investigations and scandal into 1994. Eventually, the Army tried the concoction on more than 600 HIV-positive military personnel, concluding they showed no clinical improvement. In his 2001 book, Shots in the Dark, Cohen detailed the Redfield saga and showed that he continued promoting VaxSyn and using it on human volunteers with the financial support of Smith’s ASAP long after the Army had concluded it didn’t work.

Discriminatory, Narrow-minded even Homophobic

  • Redfield pushed the Defense Department policies that Redfield helped design was mandatory testing of all troops for HIV, without confidentiality, beginning in October 1985. Any soldier, sailor, pilot, or marine who proved to be infected would quickly learn that his entire chain of command was aware of his status, often before he was informed. Recruits were screened, and those whose tests were positive were barred from service. .. About 5 million soldiers and recruits were tested by 1989, with 6,000 of them proving HIV positive. .. [Those] found to be infected with HIV would be isolated to a special barracks wing, known on the base as the “HIV hotel” or “the leper colony,” where they were treated like prisoners until they either developed full-blown AIDS or were discharged dishonorably.

  • Redfield was tied to Republican "religious" circles as an advisor to AIDS evangelist Shepard Smith (R) which backed the idea of mandatory testing for HIV and isolation or identification of those infected with HIV. He pushed (his words) to "reject false prophets who preach the quick-fix strategies of condoms and free needles".

  • He was seen aa a military doctor with a long history of pushing discriminatory AIDS policies even called "homophobic".

Rejected by others, yet Trump picked this incompetent buffon

  • In 2002, President George W. Bush considered but rejected Redfield for the top CDC job because his work on AIDS was deemed excessively controversial. Redfield’s record remains disqualifying today.
  • June 2020 public consensus is that he is someone whose track record in HIV research and public health policy has been a scientific and moral failure.

Opiods Research Role?

He was a former University of Maryland opioids researcher, amid a crisis that has decreased the statistical life expectancy of Americans.


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