University Research Beyond Rankings

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University Research Key Factors and Trends

Language Barriers - English is Science Lingua Franca

In Japan, the vast majority of papers are still published in Japanese, which a minority of non-Japanese scholars can utilise. It takes money and time to properly get scientific papers translated and published in English.

Research funding

Publish or Perish

Open Scholarship vs Pearson-Springer-ish monopoly

University Research Rankings and Beyond

Rankings based on Publications and Funding

Research and research funding are among the parameters on which institutes are ranked globally

Ranking Orgs

QS (Quacquarelli Symonds).

No Indian educational institution figures among the top 100 global universities recently ranked by QS. - IIT Delhi ranks 182 in this list while in the NIRF list it ranks second among Indian engineering colleges.

India's National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF)

Developed by the human resource development ministry.

University Research Rankings in 2019

Going Beyond Research Rankings


==== USA





Yasushi Matsunaga of Waseda University, a professor of research strategy has written extensively on the source of the country’s low rankings.

India Post-graduate Research

Not Serious - 50% dropout rate in MTechs when get job

Industry-Univ collaboration

Most Research funded by government

At most IITs, bulk of the research is funded by the government and government bodies.

References, Resources

Projects to see, sort


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