US 2025 Wizard Development, Industrial Policy PKJ ST4US

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Saner US 2025 Wizard Development, Industrial Policy

What it is?

By focusing on PRODUCTIVE use of Trillions instead of mere ever-more cash handouts.

We should do it the way the Koreans, Taiwanese, Singaporeans, Chinese and other East Asians have been doing it — cash assistance to only the most vulnerable and more investments in infrastructure that improve productivity and create good jobs. The East Asians also focus on making their governments smarter, particularly around delivering things like health care, rather than bigger — one reason they have gotten through this pandemic with less pain. - Tom Friedman NYT

What is the Potential?

It is NOT a Five-Year Communist Plan

Why it can or WILL NOT happen?

Arrogance - US the Great - no need

Too much trust in private industry - 200+ IPOs bleeding but SPACs/investors/ISOs take money and run!

The "inclusive capitalism theme is that" US is a great exception due to its private enterprise and economies grow from more people inventing and starting stuff.

The problem is that now in the USA, large companies, lobbyists and globalized financialism - capitalism just doesn’t work. “Disruption and regeneration, the heart of the system, grind to a halt. The deadwood never falls from the tree. The green shoots are nipped in the bud.” -- Ruchir Sharma. MS Global Strategist

Reality and LIMITS basis of Economic Miracle

USD Reserve Threats opaque to Populists on both sides

US MMT esp. BLUE AOCgang and under Trump's $2T tax cuts have inured polcy makers of risks to USD Reserve of printing ever-more money. With the Russia-China-Iran axis, global alternative banks, CPEC/BRI/String of Pearls/Africa-Chinification - all that that could threaten the status of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

US Interest Coverage in Future

In the short term 10yr Tbills at 1% but in long run, no takers would raise our borrowing costs even more - cutting out all discretionary spending.

Economic Equality - Make Middle Class America Great Again

Infrastructure is NOT really productive

Is the most productive medicine: infrastructure - really?

Healthcare at 20% of US GDP is not good! Bring back cost efficiency by Lifestyle! - PKJ ST4US


=== R&D, Industrial Policy, DARPA, NSF, Space

US Industrial Policy and Competitiveness in face of China

Green Energy and Prosperity from Fighting Climate Change

Wind Energy


Battery Technology

Space Science

Military Defense

Space Junk threats

Beyond Space Stations ISS

The International Space Station - Russia, Europe, Japan, Canada, of course NASA all send astronauts there said to be literally the most expensive thing ever built, at hundreds of billions of dollars and counting. Also resupply missions are a big deal costing hundreds of millions of dollars to send a shuttle to the space station. 1. The space station typically runs more than a hundred experiments at any given moment, scientific research about food and plants and medicines. 2. Study effects of Long Term stay in ISS. There are generally about half a dozen people aboard the International Space Station at any one time, just all crammed together. Most of the time it's actually pretty routine, regimented. You wake up. You have breakfast. You do a bunch of scientific experiments, and then you eat lunch, then more experiments, exercise, dinner, and you go to sleep. --

Space Internet LEO Satellites

99% Recycling in Space

Moon as

Mars Permanent Settling

Asteroid Mining


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