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Key US Election 2020 key issues and Hot Buttons

Health Care - Reform - keep ObamaCare

Lower prescription drug prices

immigration overhaul - not a mass topic

Although the electorate has generally become more accepting of immigrants over the past few decades, there is no clear mandate for either party to adhere to as they look to rewrite immigration laws.

Democrats are calling for a comprehensive immigration overhaul

Democrats are calling to invest in the nation’s infrastructure

“Left to his own devices, I think sometimes the president would be agreeable to these things,” Pelosi said. Although the speaker noted, she “poo-pooed” his $200 billion proposed federal investment for an infrastructure package.

Pelosi is looking for a minimum of five times that amount, saying an infrastructure package “has to be at least $1 trillion” of federal funding.

“I’d like it to be closer to $2 trillion,” she said, but noted it’s all about how you leverage the money. “Whatever number is agreed upon, we have to stretch it to the limit.”

Gun Control - no mass care

  • House Democrats passed the the Bipartisan Background Checks Act to tighten processes for gun purchases, they cited statistics showing the vast majority of Americans support the policies.

Gender Pay Gap

  • House Democrats passed the Paycheck Fairness Act to help close the gender pay gap

Election and Campaign Finance Reform

  • House Democrats passed their HR 1 package overhauling voting, campaign finance and ethics laws,


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