US Immigration and Refugee policies 2019

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H1B Program as of Nov 2019

Top Companies Getting H1B

Company Total out there
Cognizant 9200
TCS 8600
Deloitte# 6700
Infosys 5900
Wipro 3100
Accenture 3000
Capgemini 3000
Tech Mahindra 2500
Ernst & Young 2400
HCL 2640
IBM,India 1600
Syntel# 1560
Pricewarterhouse# 1540
L&T India 1200
Mphasis 1100
Mindtree 900
Randstad 900
Virtusa 740
UST Global 720
Hexaware 670
CSC # 660
Synechron 650
NTT Data 630
KForce 610
CGI Tech 590
KPMG 540
Compunnel 500
KPIT Info 380
Polaris 370
NIIT 300
Sapient 300
Mathworks 300
Mastech Digital 300
HTC Global Svcs 280
Prokarma 280
--Tech-- --------
Microsoft 4500
Intel 2100
Oracle 1700
Cisco 1600
IBM 1130
QCOM 900
Salesforce 800
Linkedin 700
VMWare 560
Adobe 490
Expedia 340
HPE 270
--Consumer-- --------
Amazon# 6650
Walmart 1040
Uber 700
Ebay 560
--Comm,Media,Ads-- --------
Google 3400
Apple 3100
Facebook 2500
Comcast 500
Verizon-Oath 360
T-Mobile 320
--Finance--- --------
JPM 2200
BAC 840
Bloomberg 700
Paypal 640
GS 880
AmExp 570
CapitalOne 560
Morgan Stanley 430
Intuit 400
Visa 400
Citibank 390
State Street 310
--Services--- --------
McKinsey 390
AmericanAirlines 360
--Universities--- --------
Stanford 400
UofMich 320
--Industrial--- --------
Cummins 900
Tesla 420
GM 310
---Health- --------
Anthem 620
Cerner 430
Mayo Clinic 300
---------- --------
* Numbers as of Nov 2018, Rounded, 
    * # If different entities of same parent merged


Immigration and Refugee Policy for 2020

Immigration and Refugee a Political Hot button

“The president is a fearmonger. He fueled the flame of insecurity about globalization, about immigration in the campaign. … But if the economy is better for some of these people, I think that fear tactic will be diminished,” Nancy Pelosi said.

Democrats’ strategy in the 2018 midterms was to largely ignore the GOP’s immigration fearmongering and to focus on economic issues like health care, infrastructure and job creation - and they increased their wins with this.

  • As an example of PR, Trump declared that he intends to have undocumented immigrants whose cases have not been processed within the legal detention window released into Democratic sanctuary cities as a way to pressure Democrats.

Proposals for Comprehensive Immigration reform

Trump wants to Deport illegal immigrants, Further restrict access to asylum seekers Cut down categories of family-based visas available for immigrants to enter the country legally. Treat some asylum seekers are gang members pretending to be afraid for their lives, saying, “It’s a scam. It’s a hoax.”

In contrast democrats want to - Continue to welcome migrants seeking refuge into the country - A proposal to actually lift refugee cap has been proposed by House democrats - Find a path for the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants already in the country to stay here legally.

The existing immigration laws, especially on asylum, are generally ones Democrats believe work. The administration’s policies have exacerbated the situation at the border, and the statutory changes Trump is seeking would only do further damage, they argue.

Border Wall: Trump's pet project irritates Democrats

Building the Border Wall is a "save our country" patriotic call for Trump and well received in Red states like TX, NM, CO, UT, FL etc.

One of the largest obstacles to Democrats and Republicans finding common ground on immigration is Trump’s insistence on building out a wall along the southern border, which Democrats object to as immoral.

Immigrants are a Burden on Social Welfare and Medicaid

KEY: Pro-Immigration for illegals hurts lower income Americans

Immigration Key Factors

11m Undocumented Immigrants

Roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants are living under fear of deportation

3.6m and DACA

  • In 2019 3.6 million were brought to the United States as children.

Democrats are for reinstating the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Proposed DREAM act to convert to citizenship track and add DACA parents!

Dome democrats want to change the immigration status of DREAMers to “lawful immigrants” and retroactively allow them to be permitted to work and put 2 million DREAMers on the path to citizenship.

In future they want to expand DACA to also include the parents.

3m Family-based visas in LONG delays

As of last November, more than 3 million people were waiting for family-based visas,

H1B key Policy Issue

  • Millions are in line for employment-based visas.

  • Globalization advocates, Liberal - Wealthy Billionaires and Big Tech want

  • Liberalize H1 for technical talent - to keep professional salaries lower for their own growth

----- Refugee Key Factors

Global 71m Displaced Refugees

The United Nations refugee agency said Wednesday that, as of the end of 2018, a record 70.8 million people worldwide had been “forcibly displaced” from their homes due to war, natural disasters or persecution.

Metering at Borders

Democrats want to end “metering” — which is how US officials restrict the number of asylum seekers allowed to enter legally at ports of entry each day.

Catch-and-Release Policy - Nearly a Million Asylum Cases in Limbo

There is a backlog of 850,000 asylum cases waiting for a day in court and fewer than 450 judges to handle them

What are Caps on Asylum

In 2018, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo set a refugee cap for fiscal 2019 at 30,000 people — a decrease from 45,000 the year before and a stark drop from the average ceiling of 95,000 over the past four decades.

However the actual numbers have dropped even further. In 2018 23,000 refugees, 33,000 in 2017, and 97,000 in 2016. Canada, by contrast, accepted 28,000 refugees in 2018 -- Pew reported.

House Democrats in June 2019 introduced legislation "Lady Liberty Act" to increase the number of refugees allowed into the United States to no fewer than 110,000 refugees each year, beginning in fiscal 2021. It establishes no cap.

"The US has a moral duty to reverse that policy given the sheer number of violent hotspots around the globe — and the spike in threatened populations that have followed it. -- Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), the sponsor of the proposal

This is taking a direct shot at the Trump administration's move to cut the figure drastically. However, the legislation has little chance of passing through the Republican-controlled Senate, where GOP leaders have consistently backed President Trump's hard-line positions on immigration.

Lots of unjustified "asylum" seekers - Punjabis under threat or economic opportunists?

TREND: Refugee to seek Better On-US-Soil treatment are Crashing the Borders

Treatment: pile Refugees into border cages not Catch+Release, encouraging cruel treatment!

Democratic candidates support alternatives to detention facilities, including electronic monitoring and social work monitoring.

There is a humanitarian crisis at the border where an increasing number of migrants, many asylum seekers from Central America, have been trying to enter the United States. There are more than 2,000 children being held in custody without their parents at the southern border daily; migrant adults and children are facing overcrowded facilities; since the start of Donald Trump’s presidency, two dozen migrants have died in custody with US Border Patrol, including six children.

This has been made worse by HUGE numbers and the administration’s zero tolerance policy that separated children from their parents at the border.

Trump has refused to eg immunize kids being held for long periods of 6 months or more at the border leading to rising cases of mumps, etc.

CRAZY Amounts being spent per detainee

While Congress provided Homeland Security $415 million for humanitarian relief, which Democrats say has not been fully spent despite the department saying it needs more money.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) spend an average of $775 per day per detained migrant.

Even assuming that it is somehow reasonable for the government to spend more money incarcerating someone than it would cost to rent a room in a luxury hotel, conditions chronicled by the recent delegation of progressive Democrats made clear that inhumane treatment is not the unintended consequence of underfunding.

Forced agreement with Mexico to block coming El Norte!

  • Trump has sought to make it unwelcome by separating kids and parents indefinitely.

  • Trump recently threatened to close the border because of his frustration about the influx of migrants, but he backed off that

  • Trump also threatened deep tariffs on Mexico to get cooperation of originating country deportation agreement.

Penalties to Central American Asylum origins

Trump threatened to close the border and cut off aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, the countries of origin for most migrants arriving at the border.

Republican and Democratic Stands on Immigration

Trump heavily anti-immigration in 2016 and Trapping Democrats in 2020

President Donald Trump, partly won election in 2016 on a campaign to crack down on immigration and what he often refers to as “open borders”

Trump is planning to repeat the strategy heading into 2020 and he does near daily attacks on Democrats for their refusal to change immigration laws — an accusation that, as with many things Trump says, is not entirely true.

Democrat Bleeds for Humanitarian

House Democrats have been anxious to help with:-

  1. Money they’ve appropriated to help with humanitarian needs at the border,

  2. Oversight they’re conducting to ensure the Trump administration follows the law in processing and detaining immigrants.


Democratic View


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