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Testosterone Driven Aggressive, Macho Societies are Fragile

The key to the country’s resilience and stability is its strong female leadership, and he goes on to suggest that testosterone drives a patriarchal society to violence and irrational risk-taking. .. The world would be peaceful and just if women were in charge. - Michael Moore

German RealPolitik

International Proper Alliances

Not being Someone's Bitch

Germany is not Anglo UK Bitch of USA

France has been in past an arrogant racist and rabid Colonial Power

Accept Truth and Past Sins

Every country has its own versions of original sin.

In the case of Germany would be the Holocaust. In atonement, along with concerted efforts at remembrance, Germans are continually reminded of the country’s Nazi horrors in monuments, landmarks and public art. This has helped them deal with the past and prevent recurrence.

Reality is Germany is not a perfect haven, as it has slums of Muslims and Turks, and violence from marginalized skinheads, neo-nazis especially right after reunification.

Moore’s rosy depiction of German racial relations (ostensibly because of that country’s unique Holocaust commemoration) will certainly come as a surprise to Deutschland’s neo-Nazis and marginalized Turkish immigrants alike.

Problem of Fake News and Media Tilts


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