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US Political Reforms - Sanity Lessons

Get rid of Senate filibuster

Appealing to the grievances of a minority is easy.

New States in DC, Puerto Rico - Four more senators at Play

It is past due to grant the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico statehood as they each have more U.S. citizens than Wyoming

A center-right GOP as compete in senators from D.C. In Puerto Rico, GOP could get favored like many Latinos and most Cubans in many Red states.

To be fiercely opposed by Republicans, as it would add two senators each from D.C. and Puerto Rico — most likely Democrats at first.

Voting Rights Act forbids Voter suppression

That will tell the G.O.P. that if it wants to hold power it has to once and for all abandon its fantasy of minority rule based largely on white voters

Long run - Electoral College reform

US Economic Reforms - Sanity Lessons

Comprehensive immigration reform to support growth not just equity

GOP Keys and Recent Timeline

Suppression of Centrist GOP Elements

There are "Good Old" Centrist republicans but they are aging or suppressed.

Former Secretary of State George Shultz, a lifelong Republican who recently passed away, was calling me with his conservative strategies for all of these 21st-century issues right up until two weeks before he died — when he was still riding around the Stanford campus in his Prius hybrid from his partially solar-powered home. George Shultz had more ideas in a week — at age 100 — on how to make the G.O.P. inclusive and relevant to today’s challenges than Trump and McConnell have had in four years. All they cared about was staying in power to stay in power. -- Tom Friedman, NYT

Rabid Anti-State in Health Care - Repeal AHA

Strong Coal, Fossil Fuel, Oil subsidizing - Climate Change Denial

Find NEXT ENEMY - China over Russia

WWI actually helped the rapid growth of 1920s

WWII was a "solution" to the late 1930s Great Depression, with foreign spending and massive deficits. Ironically it was WWII that cemented US as THE Superpower.

1990 US lost our national "Evil" predator: the Soviet Union. The Soviet Communist threat helped to cement us together for 40 years after World War II. Today, that sense of shared association and the shared lofty aspirations it generated — like going to the moon — are both missing, right when we’ve become a more diverse society than ever.

While Bush Sr invaded Kuwait, it was a mostly surgical strike.

Bill Clinton bombed Serbia, but allowed Rwandan genocide to happen.

Bush Jr's "Evil Empire" of "N. Korea, Iraq, Iran" just could not replace it as a credible threat. Still the GOP led massive Defense expenses spending trillions in national treasure.

2008-2016 DNC supported "defense". In fact rabid Clinton as Secretary of State massively bombed Libya and Syria, while mis-managing ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Foundations of GOP Special Interests based Minority Rule

GOP has since 1989 (Clinton takes over Regan) only got actual plurality of popular vote ONCE. This is because while Regan (1980s) and Bush Jr (2000-2008) used their incumbency to win again. However in fresh elections the reality is simmering injustices, economic downturns thrash GOP.

Democrats instead won plurality of popular vote seven times!

GOP ended up tried to gain and hold power one more time with Trumpism unifying factions, special interests around on its old elphantine ways. Simply put - "Appealing to the grievances of a minority is easy." They are very forgiving and fanatics even if policies like Health care opposition (Medicaid for poor whites is "free" to GOP states that banned it on fanatic passion hurting them).

In particular key factions, special interests that Trump leveraged included 1. Evangelical extremists 2. Gun lobby 3. Anti-abortion 4. Suburbs - "white Karens" vs Urban Democrat, minorities 5. White Racists and Supremacists

For America to be healthy, this white-grievance, QAnon embracing G.O.P. has to die. It is not a governing party.

Instead of a more centrist GOP, it doubled down on its old elephantine ways on "Proud white Christian privilege", and GOP now represents repressing minority rights (of blacks, yellows, browns and the poor) instead enabling minority rule and supporting the business owners, doctors, and entrenched privileged.

  1. Winking at white supremacy (Trump dog-whistling common)
  2. Consolidating Confederate states, eg supporting flag, statues
  3. Using every voter suppression trick within the book to protect its edge. This has become worse in 2020 as Supreme Court control by packing by Trump is a ticking time bomb to suppress the votes of Black and other Democratic-leaning constituencies.
  4. More and more, Republican members of the House were being elected from gerrymandered districts drawn up by Republican state legislators from gerrymandered districts.
  5. Evangelical and pro-Israel to grab white Christian America
  6. Control Senate overrepresented sparsely populated red states, by number of states NOT the Electoral College. This favored Republican policies
  7. GOP used naked Senate to stack the court system with conservative judges
  8. Foundation of repeat of Gore v Bush 2000 where Courts favor Republican Presidential Candidates

It worked for Trump.

2012 Shock Romney beaten by Obama

A new Republican Party was supposed to have been born after Mitt Romney’s defeat by Barack Obama in 2012, when the Republican National Committee the next year produced a blueprint for a new G.O.P., called the Growth and Opportunity Project.

It was “an extensive plan the R.N.C. believes will lead the party to victory with 1. An extensive outreach to women 2. Concrete seeking out African-American, Asian, Hispanic and gay voters 3. Backing ‘comprehensive immigration reform

2016 Trump Ultra-right "Surprise" and Takeover

2020 Trump barely lost to Biden - Hate no Policy

Hate and "Get back at Them" is Strong

In the 2020 election, California voters rejected four liberal ballot initiatives — on affirmative action, gig worker rights, criminal justice reform and voting rights for 17-year-olds — that Democratic state lawmakers had passed.

Nationally Trump actually gained ground with some Black and Latino voters, as Demos were seen as not really helping them even after 8 years of Obama.

Trump had No Policy or Campaign Platform in 2020

Can you name a single big idea that Trump said he was just burning to implement in his second term, other than burning more fossil fuels? There wasn’t one. -- Tom Friedman, NYT

2022 - Critical Midterms

Will GOP ever go centrist - 2013 New Blueprint failed

Could we fantasize about a "healthier American politics would be if we had a center-right conservative party that was embracing diversity, inclusion, climate change mitigation, and common-sense health care and immigration reform — based on conservative, small-government, more market-oriented solutions — competing with a center-left party." -- Tom Friedman, NYT

This center-right GOP would like Regan era have good chance to take back California

A center-right GOP as compete in senators from D.C. In Puerto Rico, GOP could get favored like many Latinos and most Cubans in many Red states.

2024 - Trump 2.0? No other GOP competition?

Kicking out Liz Cheney for criticizing GOP and Trump


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