USA Dynasties and Oligarchies

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American Oligarchies and Dynasties Lessons and Takeaways

Eight Year Presidencies - a new Business Cycle

From millionaire to Billionaire - Cases

Money in Politics

Inequality benefits 0.1% and Dynasties

US dynasties that have both benefited from and fueled a system of widening inequality and greater influence of money in politics.


Selective regulation and "US License Raj"

Corruption at the very top

Lobbying works REALLY well

Campaign finance laws brought us to where we are today

Resources and Sources


Trump Dynasty - from Real Estate to President

Friedrich Trump 1885 NY, died 1918

  1. Seek Fortune - Timing Gilded Age 1885-1920s
  2. NO INHERITANCE. Significantly Friedrich left Germany because of inheritance laws as a middle son would only inherit a small plot of land.
  3. Grandpa Trump arrived in New York in beginning of the GILDED AGE 1885 from Germany just around time Statue of Liberty arrived from France - indicating a rising status for US in European power circles.
  4. His timing was good - huge inequality was there. But upward mobility as still so much land, huge resources, population growth due to so much immigration that people could change their social class.

  5. AVOID BEING DRAFTED. Germany was at war. And he didn't want to enter the army - so he came to America.

  6. GREED - barber to making money in Hotels and Sex in gold rush

  7. First job was as a barber in New York City - a servant like bottom-of-barrel job
  8. Fred decided he wanted to make more money so he went west - Greed!
  9. In Seattle first opened a restaurant.
  10. He made his money in the Yukon near the end of the gold rush era. The Yukon was near Seattle as a staging point for it yet still far north on the eastern border of Alaska and part of Canada. There was a stream of people making a HARD TRIP, eat salted horse meat while carrying a thousand pounds of goods.

  11. TRUMP HOTELS : Food, Liquor and Sex! Bought good LOCATIONS with foot traffic.

  12. But Friedrich did NOT Prospect
  13. Very few made money in the gold rush - it was the suppliers or tools or winner-panderers that did!
  14. He was in the hospitality business. He ran a series of "Arctic Restaurants". He sold all kinds of food but profit was likely more in liquor and sex, that they were actually places where the men doing the mining could find female company. Clearly the drunk and rowdy lucky miners would get their pockets emptied out!
  15. Friedrich always made his money by situating his businesses where other people were doing something else. When he was in Washington state, he also was in the hospitality business, also making money by being well-situated next to the depot where workers were coming in and out. In Alaska, he always situated his restaurants in places where he would get a heavy foot traffic.
  16. Friedrich made a lot of money and brought it back east back to "civilized" New York before Yukon gold rush died!

  17. Started the Trump family real estate business. GOVT INFRASTRUCTURE Benefit

  18. He strategically focussed on pre-bridge Queens, NY. Without a direct route to Manhattan - only choice was slower down to Brooklyn Bridge or ferry boats. But they were building a bridge direct between Queens-Manhatton at that time. And right before that is when Friedrich started to buy land.
  19. Government infrastructure projects always boost real estate - a theme you see with the Trumps and Kushners. They are well positioned for these big government-funded infrastructure projects create the customer base for their business.

  20. Friedrich died 1918 at height of Gay 20s - era of massive prosperity!

  21. a victim of the influenza epidemic.

Fred Trump - 1930s Political Connections

  1. Fred's Mom smart Business Lady - House Builder & Flipper - Slow
  2. Fred was still a teen when Friedrich died
  3. But his mother was very business minded. And she set up a business called E. Trump & Son. And they started to build houses but sort of one by one. So they would build a house and sell it and take the money and build another house.

  4. Great depression 1930s - horrible for real estate and grocery

  5. It was a terrible time for real estate in New York and everywhere. People are losing money all over the place because of foreclosures
  6. Fred himself got into the grocery business by mid 1920s

  7. Magic of Political Connections

Donald Trump turned Silver Spoon to Billions on OPM, Deals and Brinkmanship

Donald's Platform: Anti-immigration

Anti-immigration - Wall

The Trump administration has been very anti-immigration, especially if the immigrants are Muslim or Mexican. One of his campaign promises was build the wall. Jared Kushner is now responsible for overseeing construction over the border wall. So let's talk about their immigrant roots and how their immigrant families got to America and built their fortune here.

Power Base

Ivanka - inheritor "smart daughter"

Kushner Family - money in Real Estate, Influence and Govt Infrastructure

Jared Kushner - son-in-law


  • Andrea Bernstein book "American Oligarchs: The Kushners, The Trumps, And The Marriage Of Money And Power." 2019
  • Andrea Bernstein podcast "Trump, Inc." - as in Trump, Incorporated - which investigates who's profiting from the Trump administration and at what cost. It's a co-production of public radio station WNYC in New York and ProPublica.

Clinton Dynasty including Obama/Bidens 1992-2000

Clinton Silent and Stood by as Rwanda Genocide Occurred

Hillary desperately tries - the shrill shrew, ultra war hawk and murderer of

Obama Eight Year Rule 2008-2016


2020 Joe Biden Tries to Get Elected despite senility 2020

Chelsea - "smart daughter" inherits

  • $9m just by sitting on board of a corporation

Bush Dynasties rose in shadows - the Regan Legacy

GWH Bush at the CIA and inside power and elite connections

Bushes Paid well by Saudis esp. Bin Ladens

2001 9/11 Support of Saudis - helping them flee to safety

G WH Bush to 1992 Read my lips No taxes failed him!

Secret Societies - Skull and Bones Club and George Bush at Yale

Georgie Boy - 2000-2008 Trillions wasted in useless wars

Jeb Bush - Florida governor - got Georgie elected but failed to build a base himself

Kennedy Dynasty


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