UXD Critique of Top Flutter Apps

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UXD Critique of Top Flutter Apps - The best of the Best!

Health Oriented


AI-based lifestyle application that empowers users to make their own personal journal. It poses a different set of questions to the user daily, to understand their daily life, their stress levels, negative thoughts, and inhibitions. It helps its users in writing about how and what they feel and deal with their mental health.

  • Cool dashboard available

  • Integration of the latest technologies like ML, NLP, etc.

Coach Yourself - meditation

Weight Tracker

Watermaniac - personal water tracking app

Users can come up with regular goals, watch their history and get needed alerts for their next consumption.

Fitness Apps review

Health Services, Personal Training, Health Coaches


A fitness app that is used to connect athletes with sports coaches/centers. Developed with Flutter, it helps users search for the nearest training place. - helps coaches and athletes schedule their sports sessions, as per their convenience.

OurPA, HAN, Physical Smart interfaces, Mobility

Personal Assistants

Google Assistant

Google's Assistant apps have been leveraging Flutter for mobile, web, embedded and desktop has been used in multiple apps. Since Flutter and Google Assistant belongs to the same family — Google, there has been a lot of synchronization between them.



My Leaf

A free, third-party application for the management of the Nissan Leaf car. - Check the current battery status with a remote charging facility - Observe the climate control state of your car - Get the last location of your car.

Social Media, Advertising, Marketing Support


Manage presence yourself — collect and download your own data from different social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, etc. This app checks your data online and helps with different features like remote controlling your mobile, locating your mobile, live demo, remote deletion of data, etc.


Helps Instagram users a variety of templates to edit stories and showcase their creativity in customizing their stories, with different frames, typography, etc.

Hookle Social Media Management

As a social media platform, it lets its users manage and monitor Social Media accounts with a unified dashboard.

  • It helps in rolling out your posts to diverse social media platforms.

  • It is easy for users to watch their activities happening in various mechanisms and thereby, easily manage their social media posts.

Media, Entertainment, Viral Content Promotion

Hamilton Musical App - UXD, Viral Content Promotion, Lottery for saturation

helps fans stay in touch with the latest happenings, music-based news, videos, and tour schedules.

Special features supported - The Karaoke system, that facilitates users to sing their favorite songs, through the app. - Purchase merchandise to boost RoI - Let participate in Hamilton lotteries contest for saturation sales without discounting all

  • Disney is going to do a full length movie, partly due perhaps to this app extending reach of just one theatre show group digitally.

SpaceX Go! - Tesla fans and Viral Content

A lot of the market cap/valuation of Tesla founder's SpaceX is due to stunts for far in the future. Also, getting billions from US government, and "path to revenue" for satellite launches is a lot hype.

So it is a lot of skill that includes Viral Content marketing.

By showing data on the history of events and the ones to come, details of vehicles, ships..

The app itself has a clutter-free, clear and niche design that is simple to navigate and a pleasure to the eyes of the users.

Dream 11 Cricket

As a popular app in India, users play a variety of sports and has been a popular name for sports freaks.


It helps music enthusiasts to sing and record their own voice in their own way. Users can prepare and manage their own bundle of songs through different parameters like lyrics, tags, etc. These songs can even be exported to different mediums.


Movie timings for Finnkino, Finland’s large cinema chain. inKino facilitates users to clearly go through the list of movies — current and upcoming, purchase tickets, watch movie reviews and trailers, etc.

Built with Flutter, progressive web apps as a multi-platform Dart project.


KlasterMe is a popular content sharing platform, developed using Flutter. This app is made to globally create, share and reveal different types of content — images, articles, videos, photos, contests, polls, blogs, etc. It showcases a simple, sophisticated and usable design that will be well-liked by users.

Tencent Content Apps

Mr. Translator, QiDian, AITeacher, to name a few.

An unique facet of Flutter for NYT is that it has been giving a very enjoyable experience to its users on different OS like Android, Windows, iOS, Mac and the web too.

New York Times

The well-liked Ken Ken puzzle on the mobile and web forum

SaaS, Business Workflow support

SRC: https://codeburst.io/top-32-apps-developed-using-flutter-b9dee6118d1d

It has been a popular online advertising platform, assisting clients to showcase their advertising campaigns, videos, product features - it is wonderfully designed to manage and monitor the performance of the advertisement, view status, avail alerts and messages, call the helpline and get appropriate feedback.

eCommerce, Finance, Payments, SN Travel, GIG



It is a rewards-based application that helps its clients to visit and avail of different attractive offers.MyValue uses the value points system to exchange its value and use it in different ways — discounts on food and clothes discounted hotel prices and books, etc. Done by Kompas Gramedia group which is one of the largest media houses in Indonesia.

Corporate Apps


Can send notifications when houses are on sale, any new home construction is coming up.

Alibaba transactions

To encourage the increasing number of global transactions in the marketplace. It empowers its users to purchase products from global suppliers.


This flight monitoring app allows frequent traveler users to search for direct flights anywhere in the world. It also gives an availability indication for the chosen trip.

Credit Card - FinEdu

Birch Finance

A credit card management portal, optimization of existing credit cards - Helping users keep a track of their reward points, analyze them, watch their expense sheet and redeem their reward points, as and when they can.


Platypus Crypto

It is a robust solution to check the current prices, market caps and % change over time. It helps users monitor the cryptocurrencies on the go. There is the availability of a week’s graphical information that can help users watch the trend move by.


Official wallet to the Banano cryptocurrency, the easy-to-use Kalium app has been serving a large-sized community. Its Flutter driven features to showcase biometric authentication, secure pin, real-time alerts and notifications, contact management with address book, multiple currency conversions, etc.


Cryptograph mobile app monitors and tracks real time info on over 1600 global cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc. - real-time information as exchange rate charts - chart price movement history of their wanted cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin market portfolio manager app helps users manage and maintain their cryptocurrency investment portfolios. Supports cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. This app shows details like real-time coin prices, detailed reports/charts for a better investment.

SG BusTracker

It helps travelers to garner real-time information about buses, their arrival time, their stops nearby, etc. - Gathers Backend bus schedules from different sources and its seat availability therein.


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