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Social Media Sharing 101

SN Success Factors

Founder Moshe Hogeg created Yo the monosyllabic messaging app that became a viral hit in 2014. - His mantra is to treat social platforms as always an extension of real-life behavior, "so we always try to take something in daily life and then answer it with technology." - Known for added features like direct messaging and location filters before IG did.

“It’s important when launching an app not to fall in love with something, but instead analyze, optimize, and then decide what to keep”

Lot of Video, Live video streaming is just not interesting

Live video streaming is hard to make interesting, though, as and Ustream lack of traction by 2012. If you just want to see live streams, you can subscribe to the #Live channel.

Ultra-short videos to keep interest - focus on CONSUMERs

Vine is so stringent about the length of shared videos—there's not much chance of monotony in a mere six-second timeframe.

Cold Start - Follow Some Users to get started

As with any social app, to really start enjoying them you need to follow some fellow users.

When you first run it, the app first tries to find users from your existing online accounts and then suggests accounts to follow. Often these are super-connectors and celebrities, eg Vine superstar Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas.

Activity Feeds and Posts

After a cold start, the idea is to have an interesting feed.

Tactile, Butter smooth and animation - pulling down with your finger loads new posts (with a clever animation at the top showing this activity).

These posts can be of mixed, eg. photos, videos, or live video streams.

Comments, Likes, Repost

As with Vine and Instagram, you can comment, "heart," or repost anything you see on the feed.


You can also follow "channels" that use hashtags for content, such as #HDR or #NYC.


SNs Accounts - Real Name or Nick Name

As with Vine and Twitter, on Mobli accounts can be private or public, but you need to dig into the settings if you want to switch to private.

Crowded SN Worlds Problem

To Monetize AND to gain traction in a world that’s already filled with social media networks. If someone is already juggling accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc., then will they want to not only sign up for yet another platform, but also create multiple personas on it?

  • Work persona - to show their work colleagues
  • Hobbies or Social group Personas
  • Facebook is one persona
  • Instagram is where we have certain personas that we develop over there. We know exactly what our audience likes and doesn’t like and we know oversharing is too much
  • Private personal for niche buddies for things they’d rather not share with everyone, like their reborn doll collection
  • Totally private buddies - but didn't that hurt MySpace viral sharing.

Multiple Personas - for Anonymous posting

Most social media platforms deter users from creating multiple "ghost" profiles to prevent shenanigans like harassment and fraud.

  • IG allows this.

  • Mobli's Galaxia social network however, wants people to create a new profile (which it calls a “persona”) for each facet of their identity. It acknowledges that people present different faces to different groups of people. By letting them do that, Galaxia gives users more opportunities to express themselves–and by doing so, create content that can be monetized.

  • Lets you manage everything with one log-in. Users sign up for Galaxia by creating a main account. Then they make new personas in order to participate in public or private groups (which the platform, in keeping with its theme, calls “worlds”). Each persona is kept completely separate from one another so their information and photos don’t overlap.

  • Enable MORE posting. By freeing users from the confines of tailoring all their posts for one audience, Hogeg hopes they will share more things as they flesh out different personas. A constant supply of new posts is, of course, crucial to creating engagement on a social media platform.

Problem: Complexity of Multipe Groups/Personas

Posts are uploaded to different worlds instead of a general feed. Each world’s creator can make it public or private and chose who gets to participate.

Problem: Bullying

Bullying plagued Secret before it shutdown last year and is still a problem on other anonymous apps like Yik Yak and Whisper.

Galaxia hopes avoid an epidemic of online harassment, one of the potential pitfalls of letting users make as many anonymous profiles as they want. Space owners can message users about inappropriate behavior or ban them. If someone keeps using different personas to cause trouble, then they are booted off Galaxia all together.

SN monetization plans - crowded Influencer Worlds

Galaxia apart from other social media is that it is launching with a monetization plan for power users, something that platforms like Twitter have struggled with. Each world’s creator can charge a fee for entrance or premium features, including exclusive content and direct messaging. Hogeg hopes sharing revenue will allow to Galaxia avoid inserting ads into feeds.

Gaming eSports platforms -- xfr - huge success with $1b+ Amazon acq

Live Video Streaming

Key factors

Mobli handles live broadcasting very well. You first shoot a "cover" for the broadcast or pick one from your Camera Roll. Then you choose text to display; the default is "I'm broadcasting #live now!" You can announce your event on your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts at this point, too. Then you simply hit the Go Live button, and a countdown gives you five seconds to look good. At one point, Mobli told me that my network was too slow for live broadcasting, so make sure you have a good Wi-Fi or 4G connection. I was shocked to see that my simple live selfie actually attracted 14 viewers and one "love!"

YouTube livestream

Early success and founder Justin walked around with video cam on his head 24/7. It had some success but fought to get traction over time. Its byproducts SocialCam and even more had major successes.


Mobile video-sharing applications

Market Shares


Mobile video-sharing applications keep chanting "Instagram for video,”

  1. Producer vs Consumer 10:1 or 1000:1 ratio.

  2. USP difference. But video’s not like photos there isn’t the same type of instant gratification when sharing - SocialCam founder Siebel.

  3. More EFFORT NEEDED. Perhaps more importantly, people aren’t yet used to videography. and there’s a considerable learning curve to making video look good

  4. FEW Videos LOOK GOOD. — you can’t just add a filter and call it a day, you need to trim them, take the interesting bits only, and crop them, etc. and jitter/motion really messes up videos.

There was a pretty big hype cycle when Instagram was bought for like, a billion dollars, but by H2'2012 expectations for a similar outcome have cooled.

In 2012 H2 Viddy will likely be the largest independent mobile video sharing app after SocialCam acquired. Others, like Klip and Mobli, but they haven’t reached the critical mass that the Socialcam and Viddy have.


A mobile app for shooting, editing, and sharing smartphone videos, has emerged as among top 66 of YCW'12. At one time it had a 15x valuation while FB promoted its viral videos, then value plunged when FB stopped.

In July 2012 Autodesk acquired Socialcam for $60m Autodesk plans to help the Socialcam team scale up their platform and integrate some video tools into its apps. “We’ll take the best of what the pros have and be able to bring those tools to everyday people,” Seibel told me via phone. Autodesk also sees an opportunity to pitch the Socialcam application to some of its entertainment clients as a way to better engage with their viewers and customers.

Autodesk has been on a social content sharing buying spree, after Pixlr (photo editing/sharing), and Instructables.


  • Great Founders ( Justin Kan, Michael Seibel, Ammon Bartram) - spun out from already successful well-known video sharing website
  • Put all your wood behind success - Having found a successful it spun it out to do justice to SocialCam.
  • Be Adaptive,Rapid growth and evolution - ONLY looks at growth just two weeks at a time
  • Work in co-working instead of "condo" or own office space
  • Join great - With 3+ employees got $200k as YC company - but even more get mentorship, great support and ecosystem.
  • Grab the funding on good terms as you can! company was set to close an angel round of around $1.5 m

  • BPR to Get Traction - Set Goals and Plan!

    • KISS: Lets you share short videos with your friends with just a few taps
      • Videos list - shared with friends and sent to you!
      • Activity feed - like fb/Ig constantly-updated view of the videos your friends have Liked and commented on.
        • Amy was tagged in this video ___,
      • Record Button in center of bottom tab bar - just do it/stop it!
      • Friends list - ?probably picked up from phone contact list
      • Settings
    • Focus on the best experience for TOP App
    • Initial did NOT have any filters like IG - difficult to do for video
    • Probably on user feedback
      • Option to TRIM VIDEO size before you upload them - Engaging portion of video and reduce the server costs.
        • this gets rid of junk before/after "in anticipation" and only upload the relevant times
      • Camera, which now supports tap-to-focus (on videos not just camera what IOS had for long time)
    • COPY THE BEST of IG - follow’ system
    • Viral it copied IG's quick sharing to services like Twitter and Facebook
    • After getting validation of first month 200k downloads, they set ENGAGEMENT goal to 1m first six months or kill it!
    • KPI Engagement - 32% of users who have signed up for the service have created a video, which is says is far higher than expected.
  • Move FAST to exploit stories - IGforVideo after Instagram grabbed for $1b by FB => speculate video also

    • Spring'11 Launched standalone video app at SXSW
    • Got off to a strong start, with 250,000 downloads in its first month alone.
    • It got its 1m download goal in 4 months instead of 6m plan
    • it got 3m+ downloads on IOS, Android back in Dec'2011
    • App saw 300% growth in its daily active user count in the three months leading
  • Be Super Competitive - There will be MANY others!

Supernova/Viddy, Venice, CA

In 2012 H2 Viddy will likely be the largest independent mobile video sharing app after SocialCam acquired.

In 2012 Q1, it raised $30 million from NEA, Goldman Sachs, Khosla Ventures, and Battery Ventures.

Supernova (formerly Viddy) is a simple way for anyone to capture, beautify, and share amazing videos with the world. Capture key moments of your life, instantly produce it into a beautiful video, and share it with those who matter most.

  • Founded Dec'2010 and gathered total funding of $20m
  • 2014 acq and to be shutdown by Fullscreen, a media company, powers the creation and sharing of video content with the connected generation through technology and services.

  • Instantly create visually stunning clips using their cinematic production packs.

  • One-click sharing to the social web, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Meaningful feedback from those who matter most -- friends, family and more.
  • Realtime video discovery and exploration from a vibrant community.
  • An endless source of creativity, inspiration and personal expression.

Klip, Palo Alto, CA

Klip is a video sharing app that allows users to capture, view and share videos on mobile devices. While many mobile video apps focus on the capture, editing and sharing of videos, Klip's focus is on the discovery and providing the highest quality video streaming around for mobile device.

  • Founded 2011 by Alain Rossmann, Andres Susi, total $10m goes to SN

Founder Moshe Hogeg created Yo the monosyllabic messaging app that became a viral hit in 2014.

Mobli is a real-time visual media platform made up of subject-based channels such as people, places and topics. Mobli enables users to see the world through other people's eyes!

Mobli is a unique social video app for iPhone that lets you post not only photos and videos, but also live-streaming video. In many ways, Mobli reseMobli features the same social following, posting, and reposting you get in Vine in a very slick interface. But instead of curtailing your visual creations to a scant six seconds, Mobli (free) lets users broadcast live, open-ended video streams to their followers or anyone in the world.mbles hit social-video app Vine, but, in one way, it's pretty much the opposite.

But Mobli isn't just live video streaming—it also lets users post still photos and recorded videos to their timelines. Mobli's makers state that its ability to share three kinds of content that makes the app superior. I've often found, however, that apps that do just one thing very well—such as Instagram with its square photo sharing—are usually the big winners. But maybe Mobli's three-pronged approach can buck this trend.

  • Live video streaming.
  • Slick interface.
  • Good photo editing and embellishing.
  • Lots of social features.
  • Perhaps a bit too jammed with capabilities - share three kinds of content : photos and videos, live-streaming
  • Video sometimes slow to load.
  • No embed code for videos.


  • Unlike Vine which lets you broadcast only from within Apps, Mobli lets you post anything from Camera Roll


Along the bottom bar five buttons—an eye, a star, a camera, a flag, and your own user icon.

  1. Eye takes you to your own feed, including posts in both channels and users.
  2. You can also see how many viewers a live stream has from this view.

  3. Star shows you popular posts, suggested follows, and the latest posts of all kinds in its Now tab. Don't confuse the Star button's "Now" tab with live streaming: "Now" shows any of the three media types just shared on the service.

  4. Camera is the record button - lets you shoot and share your own posts, A single camera interface resembling the stock iPhone camera app lets you do all this. You slide the camera between Video, Photo, and Live modes.

  5. Flag shows any notifications, such as new people following you.

  6. Your own user icon

  7. Tactile UX Effects

  8. Tipping the iPhone sideways displayed the video in full screen.
  9. Tilting it back to portrait mode lets you send a comment to the broadcaster, heart the show, or repost it to your profile.

  10. Filters and Effects for photos and videos

  11. Offers a generous supply of effects and filters, even going beyond what you get in Instagram. That app's tilt-shift, filters, and frames are on offer, but you also get four lighting enhancements, a mustache, and a few effects that turn your phone into a drawing or painting.
  12. You can add a title and tags, and choose to share simultaneously to Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.
  13. Video Filters/Effects. The app offers an impressive selection of effect filters for videos as well, including SunLit, 35MM, and 20s 40s, which turns your clip into a black-and-white motion picture of yore. You have to wait a few seconds to preview these Video effects; they're not instantly viewable as they are in Instagram videos.

  14. Mobile vs Web

  15. IG is mostly only for mobile and even 10years later few features reach the web.
  16. TikTok etc. dont even try to tackle the Web
  17. Also Android is normally quite a bit delayed or hampered compared to iPhone versions.
  18. But Mobli can do just about everything you can in the app, including browsing your feed, changing your profile, and scanning and searching new and popular content. There are two important exceptions here, however: You can't watch live video broadcasts, and you can't post from the Web. You also can't (yet) grab embed code to show a Mobli video on another webpage. You can, however, upload photos and videos, though you won't get the filters you do with the mobile apps.

Traction, PERFORMANCE and Content Moderation

  • Traction Mobli has garnered a good deal of buzz of its own; I saw hundreds of new posts every few minutes, and some users already have hundreds of thousands of followers.

  • By 2018 it had over 1 million active users

  • Mobli was once considered a serious Instagram challenger

Video quality for live video streams was spotty at times - sometimes the timer spinner went on spinning for a while, and then I'd see a blotchy image with compression artifacts.

Mobli seems to be policing the content well: I didn't see anything inappropriate, as I did on first reviewing Vine.

You have to wait a few seconds to preview Video effects; they're not instantly viewable as they are in Instagram videos.


Vine is the quick vid sensation: you shoot six-second videos either continuously or stopping and starting at will. The videos, themselves called Vines, are square.

Vine (like Tiktok later) has its own thriving social network on which and they loop endlessly when played back on. Vine's strong social networking features let you find, follow, and view the Vines of others using the service. You can sign in with your Twitter account; alternatively, you can create a new Vine account using an email address. Other social apps typically let you sign up via Facebook, but that's not an option with the Twitter-owned Vine app. Another option is to create a private account, meaning only users you specifically approve can see your videos. - PROFILE each user gets a profile page, Vine's resembles Twitter's, except that Vine's offers separate tabs for Posts and Likes. On top is the user's photo, a text area for an inspirational self-description, and Follow and Message buttons. If something or someone offends you, you can report or block a profile for inappropriate posting.

You can embed the finished product into websites or share them via Twitter and Facebook.

Restricting videos to those shot on the spot with your mobile was one of the app's hallmarks., and now the feature available in 2014 now importing videos from your Camera Roll opens it up to every kind of video. Now any video you load onto the phone no matter when or by whom it was shot or how much it's been edited—is a major changer for the app - letting you retweet content, not just original content - for more virality.

  • Fast, easy, video shooting.
  • Active social network with clear interface.
  • Private messages.
  • Uploads from Camera Roll.
  • No filters.
  • No adjustments for lighting or other issues.
  • Six-second time limit - need to trim
  • SQUARE VIDEO - need to crop! Cropping is necessary for the rectangular videos shot with the iPhone's iSight camera.

  • Founded Aug, 2010, by Emmanuel Merali, Moshe Hogeg and Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Total funding $86m


  • Home (displaying your feed)

  • Explore

  • Camera shooting - center of bottom bar - moved down from top right earlier versions. To shoot a Vine video, you still simply hold your finger on the screen. You can lift it to stop recording, and you press it again to add mini-clips or even a stop-motion effect.

  • Activity

  • Profile.

  • Top Left: and right positions are occupied by "Add new friends"

  • Top Right "Send a message" buttons. Home (displaying your feed), Explore, Activity, and Profile.

  • Wrench icon for tools palette

  • Ghost tool to help create stop-motion videos by showing you the last image shot as a transparency
  • Grid overlay to help you with framing
  • Flashlight-on button
  • Leveler switches from gold to green when you're holding the camera perfectly horizontally
  • Delete button that erases the last segment you shot or loaded from the Camera Roll.

  • Upload icon at the left of the shooting interface

  • To use an existing video clip from your Camera Roll, on tapping it presents a thumbnail grid of videos you've shot. Tap the one you want and then Select, and it will take you to the Trim & Crop page.

InstaGram, IGTV

Color Labs

Color Labs aims to reinvent social interaction through Color, its mobile photo app. Total funding $41m is advancing the post-PC revolution by inventing new applications that bring people together through proximity, social and visual presentation. Founded and led by a team of proven engineers and entrepreneurs, Color is located in Palo Alto, California.

Lack of Success - Infamous app


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