Vote Banks in Indian Politics

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Politics Structural

All Indians 2019

Vote bank BJP Congress Others
OBC 58% 18% 24%
SC 41% 28% 31%
SC 49% 30% 21%

Vote banks Going Far beyond Communalism

Community UP Vote %
Yadavs 13%
Brahmins 10%
Low Caste

IN UP 2019

Community |BJP | Congress| MGB Brahmin/UpperCaste | 74% | 7% | 12% SC Jatav (MGB owns)| 19%| 4% | 74% SC Non Jatav | 57% | 30% | 8% OBC Yadav | 18% | 6% | 72%
OBC Non Yadav | 72% | 7% | 14%
Muslim | 8% | 14% | 76%

Yadavs 13%

Brahmins 10%

Low Caste

OBC and Dalits


Muslim Stats

2011 census, India’s Muslim population stands at 172.2 million, or 14.2% of the population. According to the same estimate, 19.26% of Uttar Pradesh’s population is Muslim and the community makes up 13.95% of Uttarakhand’s population.

Rural towns

Muslims are present as farmers and labor in the Rural belt of villages and towns of western Uttar Pradesh eg Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts.

Inner Citiies

Often Depressed, Slum areas in large cities like Agra, etc.

  • Meerut has a high population rise of Muslims, but their economic situation may not be rising proportionally.
  • Lucknow
  • Agra is key center
  • Aligarh is another pocket with Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)

No progress from Congress, SP, BSP eras

Sachar Committee and other panels on the poor economic conditions of our community haven’t been implemented till now. The truth is that those who describe us as vote-banks are the ones who block our progress so that we can be caught in their tentacles forever.

Congress has a history of grabbing Uttar Pradesh’s Muslim vote-bank.

But whether the Congress, or later Yadav parties - often the same people who reached the corridors of power riding on their votes have kept them bereft of even basic life amenities.

Disaffected Muslim vote bank fragmentation so may be a myth today?

As an example in the Assam assembly elections. One party (BJP?) thought it would polarise Muslims and the other (Congress etc?) wanted to use it to scare us and consolidate our votes. But that did not happen.

No, Muslims cast their vote by near consensus

A group of Muslim youth contradicted fragmentation theory in Lucknow. According to them 70-80% Muslim voters cast their vote after they arrived at a common understanding.

Issue Communalism "Noises" Keep Vote Banks Alive

Every caste and community has leaders, who have just one job: To make inflammatory remarks. Some of them have formed their own parties and others are office-bearers of large political parties. They keep on stoking the embers of communal hatred at regular intervals.

Branding - Dress, Talk

People with a distinct dressing sense and language had anointed themselves representatives of the Muslim community. They appear on television, meet politicians and are omnipresent.

Core Political Issues

Educational Inequality - English Private schools, Competitve Exams

The rich have the means to educated their children even special tutoring to clear competitive exams and grab occupying powerful posts today.

Issue: Child labor - Poor Practice for Economic Necessity - Not just Muslims

Firozabad has a heterogeneous audience from diverse socio-economic groups. One lady loudly proclaimed: “These people don’t want to educate their children.” To this a lady from “those people” retorted: “Which parent would not want their children to go to school? It is economic compulsions that lead to practices like child labour.”

Issue: Covid - BJP Govt absent on ground - few vaccines, care in 1st, 2nd waves!

Power Plays and Party Politics

Local Politics in Panchayats

Panchayats give lower costs in village administration.

I am a Dalit and I’ve been elected as the village chief. Today, I can sit as an equal with ‘chaudharys’, ‘pandits’ and other upper castes.

Samajwadi Party SP

SP claims it plays the role of major opposition against the BJP-led government. MLC Sunil Singh Sajan said that " SP is the biggest opposition force in UP."

Fighting for Yadav Vote

The Akhilesh factor and the party's pro activism has made SP believe that it has a good chance at winning UP polls 2022.

SP Chief Akhilesh Yadav is doing the best in his capability to make sure the agenda for UP polls 2022 is well in place and followed ardently by the party workers in front as well as at the grassroot level.




Yogi govt in Uttar Pradesh. He is taking note of the current Covid situation and the migrant workers issue. So, from the Congress’s activism to the Priyanka Gandhi Vadra factor and rising “Brahmin discontent”, Akhilesh is observing and assessing it all.


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