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Go web frameworks

Most common

Go has a great built-in web server in net/http. Not as feature-rich as Rails, it's more akin to a micro framework like bottle.py. I ate my own dog food and the book's site is written in Go.

http://www.getwebgo.com/ and http://code.google.com/p/goweb/


http://robfig.github.io/revel A high-productivity web framework for the Go language. Revel provides routing, parameter parsing, validation, session/flash, templating, caching, job running, a testing framework, and even internationalization.

Micro Frameworks

  • Goji - https://goji.io/ Goji is a minimalistic web framework that values composability and simplicity. older - https://github.com/zenazn/goji

http://revel.github.io/ http://www.gorillatoolkit.org/ https://github.com/bmizerany/pat http://martini.codegangsta.io/ https://github.com/gocraft/web https://github.com/rcrowley/go-tigertonic



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