Weight Loss - Why Indians have Pot Bellies

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Solutions, Key Factors

Work the gut - 50% accurate - tone the flab!

Many people do believe that workouts like crunches and sit ups can help to remove belly fat. While not fully correct, it does work because of toning 1. About half the challenge is the flab CAN BE TONED. So if you are 5-10” bigger than a flat stomach, maybe 2-5” can be toned. 2. A huge benefit of this is that 3. Also these muscles are rarely used for those who sit all day or only walk for workouts. So ABS, upper body, butt and obliques which get flabby are also a great hidden opportunity to build up these muscle groups. In resting state, developed muscles will continue burning calories and losing fat even when you sleep!

“The size and firmness of the ab muscles don’t affect the fat that lies on them, but weak ab muscles may bulge outward, giving the appearance of a pot belly. The visceral fat, which is programmed to store energy in a state of famine, contributes a lot to the appearance of your paunch. Men are more likely to carry excess weight in the belly than women and hence end up with ‘apple-shaped bodies’, with a high waist circumference.”

Myth: Magic Herb that can Dissolve the Belly fat

Why do so many Indians have Pot-bellied? Death is in the Air!

You must have noticed most Indian men spotting a big paunch and must have even giggled at your dad, uncle or police guy standing at the signal with their big paunch. In India most middle age men who are quite matured and well settled in their life are considered to have big bellies. The big bellies may signify affluence but it is not very healthy to spot big bellies. If having big bellies would be a sign of prosperity than India would have been the most prosperous country.

Done in by marriage - spoilt male chauvinists

For thousands of years from 1000Ad India, and ancient China and Rome, a "laughing happy fat monk belly" was indicative of the prosperity of the individual. Indian Men become prosperous, lazy fat and happy after marriage.

Affluent married men are spoilt by their society. Expecting others (mummies, wives, maids,etc.) to look after their every want and anticipate their future desires! In fact these pot-bellied chauvinists dislike women working, preferring dolled up submissive brides to cater to their whims. No wonder, with the age of marriage moving back to their thirties, a lot of Indian men have started to sport a hint of belly in their mid twenties.

  1. Their loving wives overfeed them out of love ! All of a sudden they are getting tasty food - “the route to a man’s heart” is by catering to his (pot)-belly.
  2. They become lazy and stop exercizing !
  3. They become more stressed, responsible and start working more (children, greater financial needs) and this shows in their fitness ! :)

Marriage is a key and causative factor - it comes with the bad diet and a general apathy towards physical effort.

However, it is not just Indian men but women are also susceptible to getting fat after marriage. Just the ladies blame it on the now common two-and-done pregnancies and the after birth fatty foods they are fed “to recover”.

Indians men are fat, lazy and happy

Because they blame shitty genetics, other Indian men, Indian culture and everything else except their laziness to drag their ass to the fucking gym.

High levels of chronic disease, 4x cardiac incidents

Urban men also have longer working hours at their desk, they lead a sedentary life, sleep for lesser time and are regularly stressed. This hostile combination of wrong lifestyle and diet adds to the growing number of Indian men with pot bellies.

Men who have pot bellies and a waist size over 40 inches i.e. 102 centimeters are at a risk of various problems like: Diabetes High blood pressure Metabolic Syndrome Heart Diseases Insulin resistance Some types of cancer Sleep apnea”

Drinking - beer bellies

Drinking and smoking are bad for health. The regular drink that you have at the end of the day with your friends to chill may actually be leading to a pot belly. Regular consumption of alcohol is not good for health. Although pot belly is also known as beer belly but not only beer but there are other types of alcohol also which can cause pot belly. You can prevent pot belly by limiting your alcohol consumption to one or two drinks per day. So as well beer bellies are common in European men, but the puzzle it is commonly seen in non alcoholic Indians also.

Smoking Bellies

Smoking is known to cause belly fat. Smoking tends to increase the production of certain male hormones which increases the amount of visceral fat in the body. This leads to the development of big paunches in man.

A lot of Indians who don’t smoke do indulge in paan - red betel nut often with tobacco - this has resulted But the empty calories in them can also contribute in the development of pot bellies in most of Indians.

Toxic chemicals - but Pollution also

However in many parts of India, esp. North, the pollution (AQI>450 10x worse than WHO max). This is very severe equivalent of 12-22 cigarettes per day. So just staying in North India can be as bad as a pack-a-day smoking habit or worse.

Genetic curse - male body hair, balding pattern, Apple shapes and pot bellies go together!

Just as many Indians have a lot of black body hair, so their tendency to get fat is also a genetic trait - actually could be considered a survival bias. Since India has seen a lot of droughts and famines, their genes like those of Pima Indians, Chinese, and many societies are predisposed to low metabolism and retention of fat.

There are two types of body types: apple shaped and pear shaped In west also, apple shaped people have more waist circumference ratio as compared to their hip. individuals who store fat in the lower part of their body are known to have pear shaped body. Most Indian men generally have an apple shaped body type. Most individuals that store fat in the stomach and middle section than anywhere else are known to have apple shaped body. Such individuals have a higher waist circumference. Where the fat deposit goes may depend on the lipoprotein lipase which is an enzyme necessary for the fat storage. Indian men with apple shaped bodies have higher concentration of these enzymes in the abdomen and hence are pot bellied.

Gastric Bypass now common

Surgeons have fitted gastric bands to 100s of indians per year, often political leaders - “easy solution for their erratic eating patterns, long hours and lack of exercise. The operation has a price tag of about $12,000 (£7,500) and takes up to four hours. It has become a very effective way to lose weight, and treat not only obesity, type 2 diabetes and those scared of dying like their parents of heart attacks.

Diet is Key

F-grade DIET: Modern Affluent Packaged, Urban Indian Junk diet

Traditional Indian food is rich and in carbohydrates and fats and to add to it the dollops of junk food that individuals regularly consume increases their girth.

  • So stop bingeing on refined flour and foods such as cakes, biscuits, white breads etc. Refined flour does not contain any fibre and hence leads to poor digestion which causes accumulation of fats.

D-grade DIET: SIRD Standard Indian rich vegetarian diets are 70%+ Carbs - not good!

Indians eat a lot of sugar in any form, sweets, coffee or rice.

The standard Indian vegetarian diet is not the healthiest. Especially for the affluent nearly everything “tasty” is either fatty-high-carb-salty or fatty-high-carb-sweet. So the foods which are comprised of high fat and sugar must be consumed in limited quantities.

Our diet traditionally has been carbohydrate based. The standard meal is any where between 70-75% carbohydrates. Relatively fats and proteins are less. This in my opinion is the root cause as one ages. When one is young 20 somethings, he/she get away junking the digestive system by eating excess carbs, particularly fast carbs ( which body instantly converts to glucose causing the sugar levels to rise ) such as vada pav. As the metabolism rate slows with age, ALL of the excess carbohydrates gets converted to fat. The liver storage is only about 1800-2000 calories. Anything in excess is directly converted to fat.

Eating late or binge-eating with alcohol help the paunch grow. Often watching cricket or soccer late at night while snacking fried foods and nuts can be very detrimental.

One sabotage is the snacks Evening tea as the 4th meal do you know what Indians eat, it's poor quality cheap biscuits with tea.

C-grade DIET: SIVD Standard Indian rich vegetarian diets are Ok but not healthy!

Indians eat more cereals and less pulses. Ok, we all know India stands top in the production of variety of pulses. But everyday Indian food is composed of 80% cereals and 20% pulses.

Eat “Mummi-ki-fiber-rotis” instead of these western foods or fried paranthas. Eat Raita in limited quantity - small serving - for the biota and soothing effects. Avoid heavy oily sabjis and daals.

B-grade DIET: better choices, back to traditional village, low fat and low carb diets

The food most Indians eat is poor in nutrition. But the worst part here is they believe it's nutrition rich.

A-grade DIET: Nutritious raw greens, enriched, low fat and low carb diets

Figure and Activity Matters - Raises Metabolism

Physical activity is quite poor considering the amount of carbohydrates consumed on a daily basis. Unless this excess carbs get burnt off, the diet we eat is a road to weight gain and happens very slowly with time along with increasing waistlines.

Indians just give up, or don’t care about figure for themselves - lust after on-screen celebs’ six packs!

People in India believe beauty lies in the face. They hardly care about the body.

The most important reason for fat belly is, people just don't care. I have fat belly, so does he and majority of the people around me. So I just don't care. It doesn't matter how awkward it looks.

Infrastructure matters

There are no proper roads and good infrastructure for cycling.

Reality Poor are NOT potbellied - it is Sitting urban upper classes - office workers, shopkeepers

The poor do not accumulate fat as they walk a lot (most of them) in India due to improper transportation or various reasons. please exclude the rich as they become fat as they don't move from their seat.

Sitting on your ass all day can be detrimental to your figure! Nowadays in urban even housewives after two kids, with servants doing most of hard chores - cleaning, dishes and clothes. There is not much work for these “Aunties” other than watch soap operas, kitty parties and maybe cook 1-2 meals for nowadays barely 3-5 people in the house.

D-grade Aging makes less active lowers metabolism => Obesity - solution is HIIT

Age To a certain extent carrying weight around your mid section may be age related especially for urban men who lead sedentary lives. Most individuals lose muscles and the body’s metabolic ability to burn calories slows down which leads to gain in weight. This excess weight gained gets stored in the form of visceral fats in the stomach.

C-grade Rich Indians “walk-the-belly” but dont workout Cores

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Stress - Cortisol from daily living in Cities - lot of shouting/psuedo-suppression

Stress. When we stress, a hormone called cortisol gets released in our body. Cortisol is primary responsible for making you binge eat, and in turn giving you belly fat.
Cortisol increases hunger pangs. This in turn leads to binge eating which results in the accumulation of fats which is stored in the abdomen as belly fat. Cortisol also removes fats from other parts of the body and stores it in the abdomen thus leading to abdominal fat.

Solutions- Deep breathing Meditate daily for at least 15 minutes.


  • Get a good nights sleep - Indians in villages used to all lights out at dusk to dawn, but with cable and media often sleep suffers

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